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First of all, congratulations on taking action towards a better future. I’m Bishnu Mahali, and I’m your mentor here who runs this blog.

Let me help you to get started with your blogging journey.

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I hope you’ve already heard about blogging or know about it a little bit. If not, first of all, I would recommend you to listen to the podcast episode below or you can just read the full transcript of the episode here.

All right, now you know what blogging or a blog is. But it doesn’t mean that you should just move on to creating a blog. There are some important things to consider even before starting a blog.

It’s time you listen to the second episode of The Bishnu Mahali Show, which is “The ‘WHY?’ and The Niche“.

You can either click on the episode title (link) above to read the full transcript or play the episode below:

As you heard on the show, in the next episode I’ll teach you how to choose a perfect blog name. Until then, you can either wait or if you are in a hurry to start your blog then simply contact me.