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Want to set up your WordPress website in a perfect way and to optimize it with SEO? We are very good at it.

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Over 200+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Free Consultation

We don't only set up and optimize your WordPress website for SEO. We also provide you a free consultation so that you can grow even faster without any help.

Design & Development

This is the crucial part. When we design and develop a WordPress website, we make sure it is one of the best in terms of speed, SEO, design, and conversion optimized.

Marketing & Target

We'll also refine your pages, posts, and copies to make it more SEO-friendly and rank it better for more traffic. Needless to say, we'll optimize them for better conversion rate.

about us

We use our experience to create yours

BloggerSelf SEO Service is a WordPress website setup and SEO Optimization service that will help you set up a WordPress website for your business and optimize it for search engines.

We help you to build and grow your business faster by ranking on Google search and conversion optimization. We also have other business services that would like to have.

If you didn't know about us anything, BloggerSelf is a blog providing content related to blogging & WordPress. Plus premium courses!

The founder, Bishnu Mahali was a freelancer for years and later created a Digital Agency in India and this service is a part of it.

We're one of the best you can find on the Internet.


How It Works?

We will talk to you first to define our objectives and to understand your needs. We'll then investigate all the problems and what we could improve on your website.

Then we come with a plan and give you an overview of what we're going to do and seek your permission.

You'll be the one deciding the final work and then we'll do what we do best. We'll need your login credentials of course but you can create accounts with lower level access if you want.

Upon completion, we wait for the results and repeat the process until we reach our objectives.


Check what our clients say about us

Be good and you will attract goodness into your life. Newbie bloggers like me always search for such good people. Luckily, I happened to meet one who provided his valuable time and guidance to set up my hosting and website.

Dr. Shivangi Aggrawal

Professional Blogger

Bishnu Mahali is an amazing person whose work I really admire and respect. He is helping lots of people to take their first step into Blogging, YouTubing, and Podcasting. If you want to kickstart your online journey, make sure to follow him.

Ravi Dixit

Blogging Expert

I wanted to make a living by Blogging on a certain topic but I knew nothing about WordPress or SEO. Bishnu helped me set up my website, took care of the SEO and left me with lots of resources to guide myself through in the future.

Tapas Sahu

Professional Blogger

Pricing Plans


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What's included

  • We'll set up a WordPress site
  • 1:1 consultation to help you improve
  • 5 page/post SEO optimization
  • $100 OFF when you upgrade to premium

BloggerSelf SEO Services


How It Is Different From Your Fiverr Services?

There's no difference in the service we provide. This is just a direct approach that excludes the Fiverr's cut on both our side. You pay what you see, and we get what you paid. That's it.

Can I Still Hire You From Fiverr?

Yes, you can! Although it would save some money to order directly on our website, we completely understand if you choose to do so. Also, our services are a little bit expensive on Fiverr because of the Fiverr's cut.

Do You Offer Outreach & Backlink Services?

Yes, we do. However, we are not like others who would create spam backlinks. We indulge us in genuine link building process via outreach campaigns and guest posts. We can also work with interviews/collaboration or special offerings.

Do You Offer White-Label Service?

Yes, we do. We can do all the work for you and you can take the full credit. No one would ever find out that it was us.

What Other Services Do You Offer Other Than SEO?

We're not a big team yet. So we focus on WordPress website set up, SEO Optimization, Outreach, Marketing, etc.

However, we might expand our services in the future. If you're in our email list then we'll make sure to inform you.

What If I Don't Like Your Services?

If you don't like our services, you don't have to pay. We believe in doing a great work to get a good payment. If we didn't deliver as you expected, we would refund you 100% of the total amount. No questions asked!

Want To Learn It All By Yourself?

We don't keep it a secret. If you'd like to learn it all and do it yourself then do it by all means. We would love to teach you.

We save your precious time for a few bucks, that's it.

Not sure about something? Let's talk about it.