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Welcome to the resources section of BloggerSelf. You can also call it a blueprint section of this site.

This page contains a curated list of the products, tools, and services that I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your online business or websites.

Please be assured that the products, tools, or services listed on this page are tried and tested by myself. I would never recommend a product or service that I don't use personally or that doesn't add any value to you.

Most of the resources listed here on this page are crucial to my own online business and blogging career, and I hope it helps you too in your own journey.

Some of the links below may be an affiliate link, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission that comes at no additional cost to you. In fact, you'll get special discounts on some of the products.

Note that I recommend them because they are trustworthy and useful, not because of the commissions that I make if you decide to buy anything. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you need them.

And finally, Thanks for using my links! It helps a lot.

Web Hosting

Rocket Hosting

Rocket Hosting

#1 Web Hosting Recommendation

Struggling with downtime issue? Or finding a best price to performance ratio web hosting?

Rocket Hosting is the solution here.

I love this hosting and some of my websites are hosted on this hosting provider.

It's the BEST!

And the FASTEST one I've used!



Best In The Low Budget Segment

Have financial issues? Or maybe you want to start small. I can really understand your situation as I was once there too.

Hostinger is best hosting that you can get at the lowest price possible. Anything cheaper than this is not worth buying.

I've personally used this hosting in the past and it's great for beginners.

Go grab one and get going!

Cloudways Hosting


The Best Managed Cloud Hosting

So you are a pro and looking for an affordable managed cloud hosting?

Look no far than Cloudways.

Cloudways is the best pay as you go cloud hosting in the market right now.

A lot of my friends use this hosting and they can't stop praising about it.

Go pro with Cloudways.

Some other alternatives that you might like:

Domain Names

Namecheap Logo


#1 Place For Cheapest Domains

This is the only domain registrar that provides the lowest rate domains with free privacy protection.

I hate to pay extra for privacy protection and I don't understand why we should be paying extra for it. It sounds unfair to me.

We are the customers and we have the right to our privacy. Don't pay extra for it, buy your domains from Namecheap.

Google Domains BETA Logo

Google Domains

For A Faster DNS Lookup

If you are a pro and don't care about paying a little extra then definitely go with Google Domains. Or even Amazon if possible.

Google Domains provides one of the fastest DNS Lookup which increases your website's speed by a significant number.

Although, you can achieve almost simillar result by using Namecheap Premium DNS or by using Cloudflare.

GoDaddy Logo


One Of The Popular One

GoDaddy is neither cheap nor better than the other two recommendations.

It's popular though!

That's because of their marketing and user interface which is the most clean and beautiful in the industry.

So in case you are in love with GoDaddy, you can use it.

Note: It's an EIG Group Company.

Some other alternatives that you might like:

Payment Tools & Services



#1 International Payment Services

Are you tired of PayPal taking most of your hard earned money and lower conversion rate?

Payoneer is the solution for you.

It's the best international payment service provider with highest currency conversion rate and faster withdrawals.

I started using it with almost everywhere possible to get the most of my hard earned money.

Start accepting payments via Payoneer today and save more money!

Instamojo Logo


#1 Digital Solution For Indian Businesses

Can't afford to pay for Payment Gateways, eCommerce Store, Invoices, etc.?

Instamojo is one stop solution to all your problems.

Use it as a Payment Gateway, eCommerce Store, Or just a link to get paid and much more.

Trust me it's a super-valuable tool for people like us.

And here's a WIN-WIN situation, If you sign up through my link below we'll both get a ₹500 voucher.



#1 Cloud Accounting Software

This is the no. 1 multi-purpose cloud accounting software on the internet.

Used and recommended by legends like Pat Flynn, Kathleen Shannon & Roman Mars.

This tool will help you with all your financial works and it is easy to use.

Say bye-bye to all those old-fashioned boring and complicated software.

Switch to FreshBooks today and take your business even further without worrying about your expenses, payments, and accounting.

Some other alternatives that you might like:

Email Marketing Tools & Services



#1 Email Marketing Suite

Confused with your email marketing tools and services?

ConvertKit can save you from those frustration.

Build your email list and create automation with the no. 1 email marketing tool on the internet i.e., ConvertKit.

It is one of the most popular and recommended email marketing software. And probably the best one.



#1 Lead Generation Tool

Building your email list is the most crucial part of your business marketing strategy.

To leverage the power of email marketing, first of all, you need a killer lead generation tool.

Thrive Leads is one of the tools that provide you higher conversion rate.

This is one of my favorite lead generation tools that I use and you should too.

MailChimp Logo


#1 Free* Email Marketing Tool

Not the best tool for email marketing but if you look for the free ones, then it will definitely win the race. Considering a few factors!

It's not comparable with any paid platforms but for those who can not afford to pay or don't want to pay as of now, this is the best one you can get.

I have personally used it for a long time and it's a good option to consider!

Some other alternatives that you might like:

SEO Tools & Services



#1 Tool For SEO & Research

Semrush is the only tool that you will need to fulfill all your SEO, Keyword Research, Advertising, Traffic Analysis, Backlinks Tracking, Social Media Analysis, and many more needs.

This tool is a beast to help you stand out from the crowd and succeed in your business or blogging career.

This is a must have tool for a better SEO.



Biggest Semrush Competitor

Don't like Semrush for some reason? Or can't afford it?

No worries. Try Ahrefs!

It's the best alternative for SEMRush if you are looking for one.

Ahrefs is one of the most trusted SEO tool with the largest amount of data. Especially for backlinks.

Get it today!

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The Free SEO Tool By Google

If you were thinking that Google Search Console is only a tool to add your website and manage it as owner then you are so wrong.

It's a very powerful tool by Google which can help you rank on Google easily.

And, not to mention that when it comes to Google SEO, this is the most reliable tool you can have.

This is a must one!

Some other alternatives that you might like:

Create Online Courses

teachable green logo


The Most Popular One

As the sub head says, it's the most popular LMS or online course creating tool available online.

Teachable is recommended and used by legends like Pat Flynn.

I'll be very honest, it's costly as well.

But hey! Good things comes at a great price right?

Grab it for better result!



One Of The Best LMS Solution

Planning to create your own online course? Thinkific is a great place to start.

I had also created my own courses on Thinkific earlier.

So far I have a great experience with Thinkific.

Not only it is a great platform with lots of features and possibilities but it is also the cheapest one available.

LifterLMS Icon


The Best LMS For WordPress Websites

If you are thinking of creating online courses on top of your WordPress website then LifterLMS is the clear winner here.

None of the other LMS integrates like LifterLMS integrates with your WordPress website.

On top of that, it won't destroy your bank balance.

Some other alternatives that you might like:

Best Affiliate Marketplaces

ShareASale Logo


Best Affiliate Marketplace

Looking to join affiliate programs? Or maybe you are looking for affiliates to promote your products.

Look no further than ShareASale.

It's the #1 affiliate marketplace out there and my personal favorite one.

For a lot of reasons, I'll always prefer this platform over any other platforms.

PartnerStack Logo 1


Emerging Affiliate Marketplace

Looking for brands to work with? PartnerStack has some amazing companies on their database.

You can join all of them with a single account created on PartnerStack.

What makes me share it is that is has a lot of B2B companies to promote and make money out of it while delivering value to our followers.

Impact Radius Logo

Impact Radius

The Rising Star

To be honest, I don't like it much just like CJ.

But a lot companies are available here that I promote and you might be promoting them as well or want to promote in the future.

As some big brands are using this platform, I really think there is something more to it.

Anyhow, this is an alternative that you might want to join as well.

Some other alternatives that you might like:

Landing & Sales Pages

Thrive Architect Logo

Thrive Architect

Conversion Focused Page Builder

Thrive Architect is my favorite WordPress Page Builder so far.

All the pages on my websites including this one is built with it.

Easily create awesome landing pages with their templates or blocks.

Or design your own with full control of your website design.

It's the BEST Page Builder out there.

Leadpages Icon


High-Converting Landing Pages

LeadPages is a tool which lets you create high-converting landing pages in a few clicks.

The templates in LeadPages are used and tested by thousands of people for conversion rate.

So no matter which template you use, you'll always have a higher conversion rate than others.

It's not hosted on WordPress.


Elementor Pro

Most Loved WP Page Builder

Elementor is one the most loved WordPress page builder.

It's easy to use and have lots of awesome features.

Although, it's expensive as well.

I recommend Thrive Architect over it but if you love this over Thrive Architect then go ahead.

Grab the most loved WP page builder.

Some other alternatives that you might like:

WordPress Themes

Thrive Theme Builder Logo

Thive Theme Builder

The Theme Builder I Use Here

You already know that Thrive Theme Builder is one of the most cool looking theme ever, because you are looking at one of their design.

The best thing about TTB is that it is very easy to use and it gives you almost a 100% customizability.

Yes, you heard it right! You can make any design you want with the Thrive Theme Builder or use their exiting designs.

GeneratePress Icon


#1 Recommended WP Theme

You can't go wrong with purchasing any of my recommendations here. Trust me!

GeneratePress is one of the most popular theme around WordPress users.

GeneratePress is one of the most light-weight and SEO Optimized theme.

It's just perfect!

Astra Pro Theme Icon

Astra Pro

#1 Alternative To GeneratePress

Looking for an awesome, light-weight, SEO Optimized WordPress theme?

Astra Pro WordPress theme is my no. recommendation.

In fact, it's the same theme that I was using on this website.

Liked my old design? You can create the same.

Grab it today!

Some other alternatives that you might like:

WordPress Plugins

Sucuri Logo


#1 Security Plugin for WordPress

Your website is your hard-earned property. You may be fully dependent on it for your livelihood.

It may contain a lot of user data of your customers & subscribers.

It is your responsibility to keep them secure from the intruders & brute-force attacks.

Sucuri is the tool that will help you to do that and you can rest with the peace of mind.

Get it now with a 30-Day FREE Trial!



Create Your eCommerce Website

WooCommerce is the no. 1 WordPress plugin as well as an stand alone platform to create an amazing eCommerce website.

Worried about features? Let me tell you that whatever you can think of is already available with WooCommerce.

Either inbuilt or as an extension or app which are easy to activate.

And it's super easy to start!

Your eCommerce website is just a few clicks away.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

#1 WordPress Form Builder

If you ever thought which plugin I'm using to create my contact forms, guest post submission forms, etc.

Now you know!

Formidable Forms is the best drag and drop WordPress form builder with amazing features.

You can even create an interactive survey, pricing form, etc. Isn't it cool?

There's a lot it can do for you.

Read it's complete review here.

Or go grab one right away!

SocialSnap Social Share Plugin

SocialSnap Pro

#1 WordPress Social Share Plugin

Earlier I was using Social Warfare plugin but since I knew about SocialSnap, I never looked for other options.

SocialSnap Pro is the best WordPress social share plugin out there.

I've already made some videos on my YouTube channel if you are interested to watch them.

This plugin worth your money and is available for FREE as well.

MonsterInsights Mascot


Best WordPress Analytics Plugin

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

I've been using this plugin since a long time and it is very good.

Not only it saves a lot of time but it is also easier to configure and understand unlike Google Analytics dashboard.

MonsterInsights is a freemium products that I would recommend to use for convenience and profit over time.

WP Rocket WordPress Caching Plugin

WP Rocket

#1 WordPress Caching Plugin

Caching plugin is extremely helpful to speed up your website and to reduce your server cost.

WP Rocket is the best caching plugin out there for any WordPress website.

It is easy to install and configure and gives you the best performance possible.

You won't be disappointed by investing in WP Rocket. It's a value worth paying for.

Some other plugins that you should definitely try:

Useful Memberships

Thrive Themes