4+ Best AppSumo Deals For January 2023 [Lifetime]

Are you looking for the Best AppSumo Lifetime deals For July 2024? Here's a regularly updated list for you so that you don't have to waste your time combing through thousands of deals and discounts on AppSumo.

On top of that, I have also made sure to include the crucial details about them and whether it's worth your hard-earned money or not.

After all, even though these the are best AppSumo lifetime deals and discounts, you still have to pay some amount for them.

And if you ask me, it should be worth every penny you'll be spending on them.

Rest assured that I've kept that in mind while making this list and you can buy anything on this list without any worries.

The Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Let's begin with the lifetime deals first and then we'll also discuss some of the limited-term plans that fit in this list. Here we go!



Are you looking for a link management tool that can do a lot of great things for you? Introducing Switchy! It's one of the best link management and marketing tools that you can get your hands on.

Personally, I use it to create short branded links that I use for affiliate marketing or for sharing short links on Twitter, Facebook, Koo, etc.

However, it's much more than just a link shortener. It packs a lot of link management and marketing-related features that make it awesome.

Let's have a look at what else you can do with it.

Feature Highlights

  • Create Branded Links
  • Use Multiple Custom Domains
  • Create Short Links
  • Link Rotator
  • GDPR & CCPA Compliant
  • Geo Redirection
  • Conditional Redirects
  • 404 Redirection
  • 150+ Deep Link Integrations
  • Full Tracking With & Reports
  • Monitor Campaigns With Retargeting Pixels, UTM Tags Builder, etc.
  • Embed Widgets In The Links
  • Chrome Extension
  • Messenger Links (WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Call, etc.)
  • Customize Social Media Links
  • Direct Sharing
  • Tags Management
  • And more...

Original Value/Price: The closest-valued plan costs $69 per month. The single plan is valued at about $2400 as claimed by AppSumo's deals page.

AppSumo Deal: The single code plan will cost you as low as $39 for a lifetime.

You can also stack two AppSumo codes for 25 site licenses and 3 codes for 50 site licenses.

Alternatives: The best alternatives for Switchy that I know of is Rebrandly and Bitly.

Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster

Are you having difficulty maximizing your affiliate income? Meet Affiliate Booster!

It is a WordPress plugin based on Gutenberg Editor that allows you to create amazing conversion optimized blocks such as pros & cons, notice, call-to-action, etc. to increase your conversion rate.

All of these, without any coding knowledge with just a few clicks and a few seconds.

Feature Highlights

  • Comparison Table
  • Top Picks Block
  • Pros & Cons Block
  • Table Of Contents
  • Notice & Notifications
  • Coupon Block
  • Call-To-Action
  • Star Rating
  • Button Blocks
  • Conclusion Blocks
  • Progress Bar
  • List Items Blocks
  • Product Display Box
  • And more...

Original Value/Price: $199 (Or $39 Per Year For A Single Site License)

AppSumo Deal: $49 One-Time for 3 Site Licenses

You can also stack two AppSumo codes for 25 site licenses and 3 codes for 50 site licenses.

Alternatives: I don't know any other alternative that does exactly the same thing but the same things can be done using other plugins as well such as Thrive Architect, Elementor, Divi, AAWP, AmaLinks Pro, etc.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

Are you dealing with a slow website? One of the most prominent reasons for a slow website is the images used on it without having an optimizer like EWWW Image Optimizer.

That's right! If you want your website to load faster for everyone then just having good web hosting is not enough.

You must also have a good image optimizer that makes sure that your website loads as fast as it can for every visitor.

EWWW Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that does everything you need to do to optimize your images without any manual effort or coding.

An image optimizer is a must-have for any website out there and this AppSumo Lifetime Deal is an amazing opportunity save tons of money while making sure that all the images on your website are well optimized to load as fast as possible.

Feature Highlights

  • Optimize Images Automatically
  • Optimize CSS & JavaScript
  • Auto Scale Images For Different Device Sizes
  • Automatically Convert Images To Modern Formats Such As SVG, WebP, etc.
  • Lazy Load Your Images
  • Use Custom Domain Name
  • Global CDN For Faster Delivery
  • And more...

Original Value/Price: As claimed on the AppSumo Deal page, it seems like its original value is around $240. I personally think it should be way higher but that's my own opinion.

AppSumo Deal: For a limited time only, you can buy EWWW Image Optimizer for a one-time payment of $99. That's it!

You can use this plugin for up to 10 websites with this AppSumo plan. There's only one plan but you can make multiple purchases if needed.

Alternatives: My personal favorite and the best option for this is Optimole. Apart from that you can also use caching plugins like NitroPack, WP Rocket, etc. to do the same.

Now it's time to jump to the next section.

Limited-Time AppSumo Deals

While AppSumo is mainly known for its lifetime deals, they also provide some awesome discounts for the limited-time term plans as well.

Let's discuss some of them that fit on this list to be the best AppSumo deals for July 2024.


Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is a VPN service that protects your privacy with advanced technology and also allows you to access blocked websites and apps when you need them.

Feature Highlights

  • Available on Windows, Mac, And Linux
  • Android & iOS Apps For Smartphones
  • Also Available On TV
  • Browser Extensions For Chrome, Mozilla, And More.
  • Advanced Privacy Features Like WebRTC Slayer, Location Warp, Time Warp, etc.
  • 100+ City Locations To Choose From
  • And much more...

Original Value/Price: $108 For A Year

AppSumo Deal Price: $49 For A Year

Alternatives: NordVPN is a great option if you are looking for a good VPN service provider.


AppSumo is the greatest place when it comes to getting the best possible deals on digital products, services, and more.

You'll mostly find the lifetime deals on AppSumo but you can also get some deals that are for a limited term plan and free as well.

But of course, it doesn't mean that you should be spending your hard-earned money on them randomly and it's difficult to find the right deals for you.

That's why I've compiled this list of the best AppSumo deals to make it easier for you. Enjoy!

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