Envato Alternatives: Want To Switch From Envato Element?

Want to switch from Envato Elements? Let me recommend you some awesome Envato alternatives for you.

“There are always alternatives. That’s what makes life interesting.” This life-asserting truth belongs to Alexandar from The Defenders.

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Maybe you remember this statement.

Admittedly, there are a lot of people who can take this point as well. This statement reflects my post, as well as possible.

Let’s talk about the Envato Elements subscription service and the alternatives it has.

What Is Under The Hood Of Envato Elements

Are you looking for illustrations for your education blog? Are you going to launch a catchy portfolio or set up an effective e-store?

Whichever digital project you have, you will need various assets to enrich it and make it visually appealing among competitors.

For this reason, many website developers opt for professional service with an ever-growing collection of digital assets.

Envato Elements is one of these services providing access to an expanding set of videos, fonts, plugins, templates, audio files, and many other assets.

As for me, it serves as a win-win solution to creating a powerful, appealing online project enhanced with video or audio elements.

This subscription plan includes over 1,900,000 assets and even more.

What Envato Elements Has To Offer

Envato Elements

In a few words, Envato Elements offers its subscribers access to more than 1,900,000 downloadable digital assets, including:

  • Attractive stock video;
  • Catchy video templates;
  • Music and sound effects;
  • Gorgeous graphics;
  • Unique presentation templates;
  • Photos for all occasions;
  • Helpful add-ons;
  • Appealing 3D;
  • Fonts of all kinds.

Independent designers manufacture all assets offered by this service. They achieve 50% of net revenue for their shared digital content.

What About The Price Of Envato Elements?

There are two options to join the Envato Elements service:

  • Monthly plan: Subscribing to this option will require $33 per month and extra payments (local taxes).
  • Yearly plan: This plan comes for $16.50 per month billed annually for the annual price of $198 and extra payments (local taxes).

Why Opt For Envato Elements

When you join the subscription, you can download any available item from it. And it doesn’t matter whether you decide in favor of a monthly or yearly plan.

At any rate, paying yearly allows you to save 50% over the year of your active subscription.
Besides, at any time, you can opt-out of your subscription with retaining the right to use previously downloaded assets.

In addition to the existing list of items, a subscriber will take the benefit of the ever-expanding collection of digital assets.

Who Is The Subscription Service For?

Because Envato Elements has a rich diversity of digital assets of any type and purpose, anyone can be interested in this service. The target audience consists of:

  • Website owners who are looking for WordPress themes and plugins;
  • Web designers who are searching for professional assets and tools to build creative digital projects.
  • Illustrators who need unique fonts, graphics, layer styles.
  • Bloggers and vloggers are looking for high-quality stock images and video files.
  • Anyone who is looking for ready-made digital solutions.

It’s hard to stop specifying everyone who can take advantage of it.

There are tons of reasons to subscribe to this service since it offers multiple urgent products required for valid business - both online and brick and mortar.

What Envato Alternatives Has To Offer

Competition is a core feature of any future-oriented market. The market for subscription services is also competitive and expanding.

That is why there are several worthy alternatives for Envato Elements.

Let’s dive into some of them.

The ONE Membership

ONE Membership

As for me, this subscription service is worth your money. Paying only $16.60 per month ($199 yearly), a subscriber gets access to unlimited collection of premium items.

The service includes the ultimate web development kit, including best-selling website themes, top-rated plugins, and excellent graphics. In sum, there are more than 8500 items in the subscription package.

Alongside the biggest collection of premium digital products, the ONE subscription service boasts professional support.

Moreover, a subscriber will be able to download as many products as he needs for a limitless number of times.

There are no additional fees and restrictions.
If you are in any web design area, you will surely find something useful in the ONE service as an Envato alternative.



This graphic design service provides users with unlimited graphical elements. It’s possible to buy:

  • Pro package for $349 per month;
  • Team for $479 per month;
  • Agency package for $698 per month.

The first option allows submitting unlimited design projects that will be in progress one by one. It also includes unlimited access to stock images, design requests, and revisions.

However, you can work only with one brand and set a team consisting of only two members.
The Team/Agency options offer unlimited brands and unlimited design profiles, but your team can be increased up to 5 and 10 members correspondingly.

The first variant fits a small business while the latter one is an excellent choice for big companies and design agencies.

Penji serves as a source of unique design solutions since a qualified designer will perform your order. Who can benefit from this service?

Anyone who needs a company logo, ad banner, app design, or something else can opt for this service.

Besides, a user will have the absolute ownership of a source file designed for his project. Plus, you have 15 days to get your money back if you have any problems. This is one of the most premium Envato Elements alternative.

Creative Market

Creative Market

This service includes a wide variety of web products, including unique photos, creative fonts, amazing graphics, and multiple web themes. There are over 4.0 million items that suit any taste and pocket.

Creative Market allows you to download six assets every week for free. The market boasts affordable prices, starting at $2. For this reason, it can become handy for both startups and Fortune 500 big businesses.

Joining Creative Market, you will get access to more than thousands of new products that are added to the service daily.

Independent designers are continually filling up the collection. With their help, business owners, and website developers, and anyone else can turn their ideas into reality fast and effortlessly.

MOJO Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace

Welcome to one more service that offers multiple digital assets. There are thousands of digital goods suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs, web developers, and anyone who needs different web products.

Customers can find web products that suit any budget. For example, WordPress themes start from $39, Magento extensions from $5, and other affordable assets.

MOJO  Marketplace provides clients with the tools to bring their ideas to life. There are several premium themes, plugins, graphics, logos, illustrations, and so on. The marketplace is easy to use and navigate.



This free graphic design service is the right choice for those who need quality visual assets for nothing. Freepik boasts vector images, banners, presentations, icons, and photos for all occasions.

Besides, you can find many postcards and infographic components out there. There are more than 300,000 AI/EPS files. The service also offers paid graphic products.

Free access to numerous graphic items is an undeniable advantage of Freepik. However, if you are not a registered user, you can download only five files a day. Registered users have access to up to 30 files a day.

To sum up,

Envato Elements, along with various Envato alternatives, serve as a win-win solution for any business. With their help, both pros and newbies can help their business stand out from the crowd.

They help to build a website from A to Z. Most services offer affordable products of premium quality.

Thus, why to pay additional money for custom design if there are tons of gorgeous quality assets.

Are you using any of them already? Or which Envato Elements alternative are you going to use? Let me know in the comments below.

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