ExactMetrics Review – Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin?

If you are serious about your blog or business, I’m sure you are thinking about installing and utilizing Google Analytics on your website.

ExactMetrics will allow you to do the same but in a very different, profitable, and efficient way.

ExactMetrics Review

Curious to know what it can do for you and your business? Keep reading this Exact Martics Review and I’ll tell you everything about it.

What Is ExactMetrics?

ExactMetrics is a WordPress plugin for Google Analytics that allows you to install and set up Google Analytics on your website without any hassle or coding.

The default or easier way of installing Google Analytics is not very helpful for your business and tracking everything that is happening on your website.

If you need to track everything then you’ll need to customize your Google Analytics code and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, it consumes more time.

ExactMetrics will help you to avoid all these issues. And they have been doing it for their 1,000,000+ loyal customers already.


Highlights Of The ExactMetrics Features

Although ExactMetrics has tons of features, these are the most popular features. I’ll also list all the other features below this post.

For now, let’s look at their amazing features or the highlights of what it can do for you.

  • Most Accurate Tracking
  • Easy Analytics Dashboard
  • Real-Time Stats
  • E-Commerce Tracking
  • Page-Level Insights
  • Affiliate Ad Tracking
  • GDPR / CCPA Compliant
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Performance + Optimizations
  • 1-Click Integrations

You might have already guessed it, but if not, let me tell you that ExactMetrics also integrates with other WordPress plugins and services to enhance your experience and analytics data.

Which later results in more traffic and more profit. Let’s have a look at the popular integrations that it supports.

1-Click Tracking Integrations

These are some of the WordPress plugins that you can track or integrate with ExactMetrics with just a click:

Why Use ExactMetrics?

You’ve already read about its features that are more than enough to convince anyone to use ExactMetrics. However, for those who don’t understand all these technical terms, let me help you understand why by simplifying it.

Properly Set Up Google Analytics Without Coding

Easily Set Up Google Analytics With ExactMetrics

To set up Google Analytics properly on your website along with the advanced tracking settings, you’ll either need a coding knowledge and understanding of the plugins that you are using on your website or you can simply use ExactMetrics.

ExactMetrics lets you install Google Analytics properly without any need for coding and without any mistakes. It makes it as easy as clicking a few buttons on your WordPress dashboard.

And of course, it saves a lot of time that you might waste otherwise.

Detailed Audience Insights

Get Detailed Audience Insights

Google Analytics is very powerful and it allows you to track almost every detail that you’ll need for your business. But that also overwhelms a lot of people. The original Google Analytics dashboard is too confusing for many of us including me.

But ExactMetrics makes all of that a piece of cake to understand while maintaining all the details that your business or blog requires to grow.

Identify The Partnership Opportunities & Focus Area

Identify The Partnership Opportunity And Focus Area

ExactMetrics also lets you track your outbound links, top pages, etc. which makes it easier to find out or identify partnership opportunities and the area you should focus more.

This way, you’ll save a lot of energy and time that you would have wasted in finding suitable partners and better content ideas that would work.

Analyze, Measure & Improve Your Content Marketing

Analyze, Measure, And Improve Your Content Marketing

With all those advanced data, you have all the capabilities to analyze, measure, and improve your content marketing strategy.

All the data will help you understand what exactly is working and whatnot. What you need to do in the future and what you should stop doing. The sky is the limit here on what you can do with all those analytics data.

Simplified eCommerce Data To Increase Sales & Profit

Generate More Sales With The Help Of Simplified eCommerce Analytics With ExactMetrics

ExactMetrics not only allows you to track all the eCommerce data and user behavior but also makes it easy to understand which helps you increase your sales and profit at a faster speed.

With ExactMetrics backing you, you don’t have to worry about increasing your profit.

The Benefits Of Using ExactMetrics

If you are reading everything then you already know what I’m talking about. So instead of elaborating them all, let me give a list of benefits that an individual or a business can get by using ExactMetrics on their WordPress website.

  • Increase Your Blog / Website Traffic
  • Grow Affiliates & Ad Revenue
  • Get More Emails Subscribers & Leads
  • Write Better Content That Will Work
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment For Your eCommerce Website
  • Improve Conversion Rate For Leads & Sales
  • Identify New Referral Partners
  • Multiply Your Sales & Profits
  • See Statistics That Matter For Your Business
  • Unlock Easy-Win Opportunities
  • Find Better Content Ideas
  • Save Time With Analytics Set Up
  • Reduce Mistakes & Errors
  • Easy-To-Understand Insights
  • Increase Your Work Efficiency

Pricing Of ExactMetrics

Despite of all those amazing features, ExactMetrics is not expensive if you own a profitable blog or business. Here are the pricing that ExactMetrics is offering us:

ExactMetrics Pricing

Plan's Name: Plus

Initial Cost: $99.50

Renewal Cost: $199/year

Plan Name: Pro

Initial Cost: $199.50

Renewal Cost: $399/year

Plan Name: Agency

Initial Cost: $399.50

Renewal Cost: $799/year

Plan Name: More Sites

Initial Cost: $699.50

Renewal Cost: $1399/year


No doubt that ExactMetrics has tons of amazing features and you love this plugin after reading this ExactMetrics review. However, if you don't own a profitable blog or business yet then it might feel pricey to you.

I would recommend to stick with the Plus plan if you have a strict budget and not earning a lot of profit.

For businesses that are earning a good enough profit, it is an amazing deal and you must not let it go. I highly recommend using it to excel your blog or business.

Try it Today!

Risk Free! With 100% Money-back Guarantee.


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