Event Blogging: The Ultimate Guide [For 2022]

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: December 29, 2022

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: December 29, 2022

Event blogging is so hyped in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. nowadays.

And it's popularity worldwide is increasing day-by-day.

Thanks to the YouTube community who talked about it and revealed their income made with their event niche based blogs/websites.

But it's not that simple right?

Event Blogging: The Ultimate Guide [For 2022] 1

The strange thing is that when I searched for "Event Blogging" on Google and YouTube.

I didn't find even a single video in English on the first few pages. The first few pages only contain videos made by the Indians and they all are in Hindi. I think we know why?

I'm not an exception, I did it too on my YouTube channel. If you understand Hindi then you can watch the video below to get it summarized for you or listen to the podcast which is available in English.

Which language do you prefer or understand?

  • Hindi

  • English

Don't want a video or podcast? Keep reading!

This is the ultimate guide for event blogging that you only need to read.

This comprehensive guide will help you to learn everything you should know before starting your own event based blog.

Blogging is beyond sharing ideas with the world by writing compelling articles.

Blogging is a vast field, and it also includes Event Blogging, which is very popular nowadays.

Rather than writing blogs or articles on a specific topic, you can write about an event as it ranks high on Google and generates a lot of traffic on the event day.

With event blogging, you can earn a lot of money within a short time. But it depends on various factors.

If you plan it well, like on keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, backlinks, and more. You can earn from $1000 to $10,000+ for each event.

What Is Event Blogging?

Event blogging is the practice of creating and publishing content about events, festivals, conferences, sales, and other gatherings.

For example, a blog about FIFA, IPL, Black Friday Sale, etc.

The content or articles you put on the blog must cover the basics of the event, including:

  • What is it about?
  • Why they celebrate it?
  • How they celebrate it?
  • The location and time of the event
  • The people interested in it
  • How your readers can enjoy it?

Event Bloggers does all the processes months before the actual upcoming event to rank up on Google. You'll definitely notice this in a span of time while working on your event blog.

By the way, it's not necessary to have a completely dedicated blog for the event you chose. You can also do it as a part of your main blog or website.

For example, my friends and I use our Blogging or WordPress niche blog to reap the benefits of the event, "Black Friday & Cyber Monday."

You can see all the post I write for Black Friday or Cyber Monday here.

And here's one more example where I've done it for the best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals. I hope you would get a good idea by looking about that.

Now let's look at some the pros and cons of event blogging:

Pros & Cons Of Event Blogging

These are just highlights, read more details about them below.


  • Quick Earning / Income
  • Work Only When You Want To
  • Super High Earnings
  • Gets A Lot Of Organic Traffic


  • Seasonal Revenue
  • Requires More Work
  • Expensive Web Hosting Needed
  • Paid Ads Could Be Expensive

Summarizing The Event Blogging Pros

With event blogging, you can earn a lot within a few days (more than what you can make monthly or yearly). Some of them earn up to $10, 000+ per day, which is great. As what you invest is so little and its nothing compared to what you can earn.

Event blogging is perfect for those who love to work at specific periods in a year or those who don’t want to work all the time.

Especially those who want to make out time with family, holidays, and other activities.

Summarizing The Event Blogging Cons

One major drawback of event blogging is that it requires an excellent dedicated server to handle the traffic. What this means is, you must invest some money first as dedicated servers are expensive.

But, you can make use of a hosting service that offers service on demand that handles traffic on the go.

Another disadvantage is that you must stay online always until the event ends. If server, script issue, theme or plugin issues occur, you may lose a lot of money.

Now let’s talk about, “how to do event blogging?”…

Event Blogging – The Step-By-Step Process

I've been getting a lot of DM(s) on my Instagram lately, asking about best event blogging courses.

So before we move on to the steps, let me tell you that, I didn't find even a single event blogging course which worth recommending.

However, the good news is that, I'm already working on it to create my own valuable course for you guys. To get the launch information, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

Now let's look at the steps on how you can start your own event blogging career.

Choosing A Profitable Event (How To Choose An Event For Event Blogging?)

Choose An Event

Before you select an event, find out about its low competitors and monthly searches. You can also use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, KWFinder, etc. to search for keywords related to the event you are targeting.

You can choose an event based on the traffic it generates or based on your interests. Selecting an event based on your interest posses an excellent source of inspiration. This will help you create great contents.

Choosing an event based on the demands of an audience is also great. But, make sure that the search volume for that particular event is high and it would be beneficial if you are working for an upcoming event or a recurring event.

Here’s how you can do that:

Use Google Trends

This is the best tool out there to rely on when investigating the trend or competition of searches about something.

All you have to do is visit the website and search for your term. In this case, it will be the name of the event that you want to blog about.

If you have multiple ideas, then it’s the best tool to compare the search volume or trend of those keywords/event ideas.

Let me show you the example that I did for you guys:

Google Trend New Year & Black Friday Comparison

The result is very clear if you look at the picture above. I’ve compared New Year and Black Friday on Google Trend from 2004 to present.

It shows you that the Black Friday gets more searches than the new year and also the search volume or interest of Black Friday is increasing every year.

While New Year also gets a lot of searches during the event but it’s not growing. It’s a straight line, in fact, it’s decreasing.

And Black Friday is creating an upward trend.

So if you want higher traffic then you should go with Black Friday but you should also know that the competition of this term will be higher than the new year.

Either go with high traffic – high competition keyword or go with the average traffic – average competition.

Wondering how you would know the competition? The next tool will help you with that.

Take Benefit Of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the popular and freemium keyword research or SEO tool on the internet. It will also help you to find out the competition of the keywords.

Visit their website and enter your keyword. It will display all the necessary information for all your SEO needs.

New Year SEO Difficulty Ubersuggest

Some Event Blogging Topics You Can Begin With

  • New Year
  • Boston Marathon
  • Christmas
  • Olympics
  • IPL (Indian Premier League)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Elections
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Super Bowl Finals
  • Diwali
  • Movie Releases, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers,
  • Video Game Release
  • Movie Songs
  • Holi
  • Oscars
  • Halloween
  • WWE Wrestlemania
  • El Clasico
  • Cricket (All Cricket Leagues)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Grammy Awards
  • Chinese New Year
  • Australian Open
  • Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
  • Football (All Football Leagues)
  • French Open

How To Find Keywords For Event Blogging?

There are many ways to find or research for a keyword. Be it an upcoming event, recurring one or whatever. You can do your keyword research with any of the tools mentioned below.

My favorite is Semrush if you are looking for a personal recommendation.

Here you go.

Keyword Research Like A Pro

Do Research

After picking an event, it is time to research keywords. Searching for keywords with high competition and traffic is not necessary.

Research for long-tail keywords using tools like Semrush.

Other tools that you can use for keyword research are Ahrefs, KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

Focus On Long Tail Keywords

Keywords that are short and simple are often too difficult to rank for. You may not even be able to do it in the beginning because they are very competitive keywords.

That's where the long tail keywords come in.

Long tail keywords are relatively easier to rank and even beginners can do it. That's why you should start with the long tail keywords first if you can and then later you can target whichever keywords you'd like.

You can use the same keyword research tools like Semrush, KWFinder, etc. if you want but there's a tool completely dedicated to long tail keywords.

It's called LongTailPro.

As the name suggests, this tool helps you find the best possible long tail keywords for your blog and it also has other handy SEO features that you would require.

I would recommend you to have a look at the LongTailPro as well if you can afford multiple keyword research tools.

Otherwise, you can use the other tools to find the long tail keywords manually.

By the way, here are some examples of event blogging niche that you might consider or take inspiration from.

Register The Right Domain Name

Choose Right Domain Name

Register your domain as soon as possible before somebody else buys the name that you made in your mind. You need to register a domain name after picking your main keyword or brand name if there’s any. You can use a web host like NameCheap or Godaddy to search for a domain name.

Google Domains is also a good website to register a domain name.

Choose A Good Web Hosting

Choose A Good Web Server

To start event blogging, you need a good quality web hosting or server. If you do not want to spend money on hosting, you can make use of blogger.com(Yet, I would recommend you to go with a paid web hosting where you can install WordPress.)

Build a new blog through a Gmail account, choose a template, and connect the blog to the domain name.

If you do this, your website will available online for free – it is that simple!

Nonetheless, you can buy hosting from Hostinger (Recommended), Bluehost, Dreamhost, Rocket.Net, etc. It costs a lot to buy a hosting service, but it is worth it.

Install WordPress In One-Click

Setup Your Blog

The next step is to install WordPress by making use of the Quick Install situated at your cPanel. Select and upload a free theme and set the domain name to the hosting server.

If you have no idea about installing WordPress or making a website, you can hire someone. Or you can hire me too.

Best Themes For Event Blogging

Here I’m going to recommend you guys some themes which are best for Event Blogging or any other blog.

I’m adding this section as a lot of you were asking for it.

So let’s dive in!

Astra Pro

Astra Pro

Speed is very crucial when it comes to any website and that’s the reason to keep this theme as my first recommendation.

It’s very light-weight and has super-fast load time.

The theme is also available as a free version but I won’t recommend using the free one as that won’t be as customizable as Astra Pro or featureful.

The theme has tons of features and pre-made templates and content blocks as well.

You won’t be disappointed!


GeneratePress Screenshot

GeneratePress is no less than Astra Pro. It’s a close competition!

Although I would choose Astra as a winner, I can’t stop thinking about GeneratePress as well.

Both themes are amazing and have almost similar features.

The only downside to GeneratePress against Astra Pro is that it doesn’t release updates as fast as them.

Of course, there is a lot of difference in terms of features and all but overall they are almost the same.

When it comes to price, GeneratePress is the clear winner though!

Write Quality Content That Stands Out

Lead Generation

Great content is important if you want your blog to succeed. You must identify the main keyword, which is associated with the event and always incorporate them into the articles.

To attract readers, create high-quality, interesting, and lengthy articles for your blog. And don’t forget to use a lot of resources like images, quotes, videos, books, etc.

Include a lot of images in your contents but add pictures that relate to a particular topic.

Also, add images that are original as it will help improve your website ranking. You can get free stock images on Shutterstock, Canva, and other royalty-free images websites like Pixabay.

Another important factor to consider is the article length. If you choose to write articles containing over 1000 words, make sure you write approximately 12 to 15 articles.

Yet, if the articles will contain 500 words, you should consider writing 25 to 45 articles.

Writing lengthy articles can improve your ranking on Google. But make sure that the articles are well researched, informative, and engaging.

So that your readers will stay on your website for long. And yeah, Don’t forget to promote them days before the event.

7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Do Not Keyword Stuff

Ensure that you place the main keywords in Headings, subheadings, titles, and descriptions. But also make sure not to stuff the contents with keywords.

Furthermore, include long-tail and LSI keywords to boost organic traffic.

The moment your website has a lot of traffic Google will start tracking all the activities on your site. So, avoid keyword stuffing to maintain traffic on your website and to avoid penalty.

8. Build Quality Backlinks

Build Backlinks

Creating backlinks is very crucial to improve your website ranking on Google search. You need to select other forums, websites, and blogs that are relative to the targeted event. Also, make sure that they rank high on Google’s search result.

The backlink process begins when you have published six posts, so you make use of an SEO Profiler to build backlinks.

But, you must research to find sites, blogs, forums, and more.

If all your backlinks contain the same anchor text, it will not rank high. Thus make certain that you get backlinks with a different set of keywords or anchor texts.

The best way to build quality backlinks is guest posting. And guess what?  You can also write for us as well and get high quality backlinks.

9. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for SEO is the most vital part of blogging. Even though your website is great, it will become useless without SEO.

You can always use ads and other methods to generate traffic but you can only reach the full potential of your blog if you get traffic form search engines.

Also, you can generate traffic social media – this will give you an idea of what readers think about your website.

The SEO optimizations will include these optimizations but are not limited to:

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO plays an important role in improving your website ranking. Make certain that the page codes are correct and your blog’s page speed is over 90%.

Also, ensure that you have carried out On-Page SEO including Body Tags, Page Titles, Keyword Densities, and headings. Use RankMath SEO plugin for the best result.

  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page SEO includes link building, which is done through several ways sucks as Black Hat SEO and white hat SEO.

  • White-Hat SEO

You can build links through DMOZ Directory, Directory Submission, Guest blogging, writing comments on blogs similar to your niche, and more. The only disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time, which you don’t have!

  • Black-Hat SEO

Blackhat Search Engine Optimization is illegal for Google. Such as building links using content automation, doorway pages, hidden links, redirects, etc.

Hire Me To Do This For You

You can also hire me & my professional team on UpworkFiverr or by directly contacting me to do these works for you.

10. Monetize Your Blog Right Away


You can earn a lot of money from event blogging if you monetize your blog. There are different ways to achieve this but do not apply all at a go to avoid saturating your visitors.

Here are the list of some great ways to make money with your event niche blog:

Display Ads

Display ads are mostly contextual ads that you put on your blog and you earn money based on CPC or CPM. Google Adsense is one of the best option for display ads but you can also try other Google Adsense alternatives like Media.Net or PropellerAds.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is basically selling products or services of others and getting a small commission for it. You can sell whichever affiliate products or services you want and make a good amount of money with the affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, PartnerStack, etc.

Direct Ads

You also have the option to use direct ads on your website if you can pull that off. Plugins like AdSanity, Advanced Ads, etc. can help you do it.

Sponsorship Or Paid Post

You also have the option to get sponsorships or write paid posts to make money with your blog.

You can even make money for just mention a certain brands or businesses. I've done it so many times and it's an easy way to monetize your blog.

A great way to do this is to search for products and deals related to the targeted event to advertise.

Several companies offer various products for a specific occasion or event.

There are many other ways you can make money with your blog.

I have already written a detailed article on it here.

28+ Way To Make Money Online Blogging

The genuine and most effective ways to make money online.


What Is Event Blogging Or Event Niche Blog?

What Is Micro Event Blog?

How To Start Event Blogging & Earn Money?

Is Event Blogging Dead?

Can I Use Adsense On My Event Blog/Website?

Which Is Better, Event Blogging Or Normal Blogging?

Bottom Line

If you follow these steps without messing around, you can make approximately $1000 to $10K from a single upcoming event that you've planned for.

If you do not make any profit for the first time, don't get dejected. Because all the knowledge you have acquired will help you meet success in the next event. In a span of time, you'll see the result.

It takes time sometimes.

Event-based blogging is not complicated. Prepare yourself and focus on the task to make a profit!

What do you think about event blogging? Do you think it is beneficial?

About the author

Bishnu Mahali

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  • Before reading this, I didn’t have any idea about event blogging.

    But After reading this, I have a lot of knowledge about event blogging so far.

    And now I’m also able to start it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Event based blogging is nowadays hot topic for bloggers and individuals.

    You can easily earn handsome amount of money by event based blogging.

    All the above mention points and tips help in improving traffic and revenue of the website.

    Well researched article Bishnu!

    Only thing I would like to add is, “generating quality backlink help the event based websites” to be more visible in the search engines and increases organic traffic.

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