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I'm super excited to get your guest post on my blog. Here at BloggerSelf, I want everyone to contribute to the community.

There's no limitation on what you want to write here and who you are. Everyone is welcome with their ideas and creativity.

What Do You Get In Return?

The Benefits

  • Exposure To My Community & Audience
  • Up To 2 Do-Follow Backlinks To Your Website
  • Will Be Featured On The Contributors Page
  • You'll Grow Your Own Brand & Probably More Sales
  • You & Your Websites Will Be Promoted On Our Social Accounts
  • The Blog Post Will Be Kept Up-To-Date As Long As Possible

Like I said, we're open for everyone to write on this blog.

That's why we've made some guidelines and rules that must be followed for the best interest of this community and website.

Please read and follow all the guidelines below before you submit an article for us to review.

Failing to follow the guidelines may result in rejection of the article or a permanent ban on you as an author along with your website.

Important Guidelines

Must Read & Follow

  • Article Must Be Original & Palgarism Free
  • It Must Not Be Written For Promotion As Focus
  • The Article Must Be In The "Blogging" Niche (Other Accepted Topics Are: Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, etc.)
  • Once Your Article Is Approved, You Are No Longer Allowed To Publish The Content Anywhere Else.
  • Modification Of The Article Must Be Approved First
  • The Article Must Contain At Least 2000 Words
  • The Article Must Be FREE Of Grammatical Errors & Nicely Formatted
  • You Will Be Asked To Update The Post When Necessary. If Not, The Post Will Be Deleted Or New Author Will Be Assigned.
  • Include Your Name, Bio, And Email With The Article.
  • Coping Article From Other's Website Is Not Allowed
  • Adding Affiliate Link / Irrelevant Promotions Are Not Allowed
  • Articles Other Than Relevant Niche Won't Be Accepted
  • Article Cannot Be Less Than 1500 Words In Exceptional Cases, Like Video And Audio Post.
  • Modification Of The Article Is Not Allowed Without Approval.
  • Sharing Or Publishing The Same Article Elsewhere Is Prohibited

If you are looking for approval and an author profile on our website then mail me at: admin@bloggerself.com or to submit an article directly (expect rejection).

Some Recent Guest Posts For Inspiration

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