Best WordPress Membership Subscriptions To Save Money

Building a website from scratch can be rather challenging and time-consuming.

It’s necessary to take into account a lot of details. You should use various tools to create the required layouts.

Moreover, you should find appropriate extensions or plugins to add functionality to your website.

One more point is illustrations, fonts, and other graphic items. They will make the website more attractive.

As a result, you spend a lot of time and effort trying to find the appropriate items for your website.

It’s possible to make this process faster, easier, and cheaper with the help of WordPress Membership Subscriptions.

Let's talk about them.

The WordPress Membership Subscriptions or marketplaces are great in my opinion.

They offer you an opportunity to find all the relevant products in one place.

Moreover, there is usually customer support service to help you figure out how everything works.

Imagine that you have managed to create a functional website. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re done with the task.

Here comes the question of maintaining the website.

And in this case, it’s better to choose a professional website maintenance service. The qualified experts will fix all the bugs. What is more that, they will also ensure the proper functioning and safety of the website.

There is a variety of WordPress Membership subscriptions websites that offer different products and services.

Here in this post, I will list some of the most popular ones that I trust and recommend.

Best WordPress Membership Subscriptions

Here are some of the most popular WordPress Membership Marketplaces or  Subscriptions for all your WordPress or business needs.

Thrive Membership By Thrive Themes

Thrive Suite by Thrive Themes is the personal favorite membership subscription of Bishnu Mahali (he's the owner of this blog) as he says.

Buying Thrive Suite is the real deal as it offers a lot at an affordable price for WordPress website owners.

The pricing and their conversion focused mindset is the reason that the people love it and swear by it. Bishnu is one of them as he uses Thrive Themes products on his own websites such as this one and his other websites.

With Thrive Suite, you get access to the following items:


Like I said pricing is one of the main factor why Thrive Themes or Thrive Suite is so popular.

It offers two membership plans, $2999 per year if billed annually and $99 per quarter if billed quarterly.

They also have agency plan which will cost you $588 per year (billed annually).

When it comes to price to value ratio, Thrive Themes or Thrive Suite is the king for WordPress users.


  • The value you get with the price is huge. One can start easily with their pricing and make their website a million-dollar business.
  • You get 350+ Landing Page Templates with Thrive Architect page builder.
  • You also get Thrive Optimize for A/B testing your landing pages.
  • It has conversion focused tools that can excel your business growth.
  • Thrive Suite is all-in-one marketing and business toolkit to get you started.
  • They constantly keep improving their exiting plugins while introducing new ones that are so useful at no extra cost. For example, Thrive Automator is their latest one as of writing this.


  • Thrive Suite is only available for WordPress websites and doesn't work anywhere else.
  • Their development is slower than most of the industry leaders. For example, Elementor is way better or ahead of Thrive Architect as a page builder. It's cheaper too.


So far, no one can say no to Thrive Suite if they use WordPress, And marketing, lead generation, growth hack, etc. are some of the things they care about the most.

Thrive Suite by Thrive Themes is one of the most valuable membership plan for WordPress website owners who are serious about their business and marketing efforts.

It is highly recommend by most of the people around the Internet. Go ahead and get it for yourself.

"It’s at the price point where it’s affordable for anybody, somebody just getting started, but it’s at the level of quality where it can scale with you and you can build a million dollar business off of it." - Jeff Sauer, Founder of Jeffalytics.

Elegant Themes

The next point under consideration is Elegant Themes. It’s one of the most popular WordPress Themes providers.

On their website, I see the information that they have more than half a million customers. Thus, it is possible to conclude that it’s a trustworthy resource.

You will find the following items in the Elegant Themes package:

  • Access to Divi and Extra themes that can be used instead of hundreds of WordPress themes
  • 3 premium plugins, such as the Divi Builder plugin, the Monarch Social Media Plugin, and the Bloom Email Optin Plugin
  • Developer’s license that covers all the items in the bundle.


There are two pricing plans available, in particular, Annual Membership and Lifetime Membership. The first one costs $89 per year. If you opt for Lifetime Membership, you have to pay $249 once.

Elegant Themes Pricing

As we can see, the terms are almost the same. So, it’s worth choosing the Lifetime Membership if you plan to use the products for 3 years or more.


  • An opportunity to take advantage of the products as many times as you want. Moreover, you may use them to build websites for your customers.
  • Customer support of premium quality. There is also a Support Forum where you may ask any question and find a solution.
  • An opportunity to access not only current items but updated and future products, as well.
  • Affordable pricing plans and a stable renewal price.


  • All the items come in one bundle. So, you don’t have an opportunity to choose separate products. You have to buy the whole package.
  • A limited amount of plugins you have access to.


Bloggers recommend the Elegant Themes for those who are in search of professional and engaging designs. Moreover, they appreciate the membership area that is easy to navigate.

One Membership

The ONE Web Development Kit contains different digital assets you can use to build a website. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web designer or developer. Bloggers and website owners also may use the items to do everything themselves.

You have access to the following items:

  • 1,125 WordPress themes, including Elementor themes
  • 41 plugins, among which you may find Elementor Addons
  • 2,352 E-commerce themes
  • 1,264 presentation templates
  • 4,163 graphic items
  • 1,143 HTML templates
  • 1,573 templates for other CMS, including Joomla templates and others.


Prices are quite affordable. There are two pricing plans. You have to pay $229 for Yearly Access. You may also get Lifetime Access. It costs $849.


  • You get a large collection of WordPress themes and templates for other CMS. Moreover, there are also plugins and graphic items at your disposal.
  • There is no need to pay for the products every time you want to use them. Having purchased a yearly unlimited license, you can take advantage of them without any restrictions.
  • There is an opportunity to get extra services, such as free web hosting, SEO optimization, etc.
  • The technical support team is ready to help you on a round-the-clock basis.
  • You may save up to 50% for all exclusive products not included in the membership.


  • It’s not possible to resell the downloaded items to other customers. You may only use them for your projects.
  • If your license expires, you have to renew it to download the products for other projects.


Thus, the ONE subscription by TemplateMonster is one of the WordPress paid memberships that are worth your attention. You get a variety of items to work with. Moreover, you receive the qualified support and additional services. As for the feedback from the customers who have already tried the subscription, they say the following:

“The ONE by TemplateMonster gives you unlimited opportunities to create professional high quality blogs and websites for such a small amount of money.”


Themify is a WordPress themes club that offers different themes and plugins of premium quality. Using them, one may build functional websites fast and effortless.

Having subscribed to Themify, you will have access to the following items:

  • 42 WordPress themes, including a famous Ultra theme
  • 12 plugins, among which you will find the Post Type Builder
  • 25 Builder addons
  • 5 PTB addons
  • Photoshop mockup files of all themes.


The pricing system is quite simple. There are three plans to choose from.

Themify Pricing

The Simple Themes plan costs $59. You receive one theme, as well as one-year support and updates. If you opt for the Master Club plan, the price will be $89.

In this case, you get the whole list of items mentioned earlier together with new themes, addons, plugins.

One-year support and updates go together with the products. There is also a Lifetime Club Membership that costs $249.


  • The WordPress Themes are ready-to-use and fully customizable in case of necessity.
  • There is unlimited access to theme updates and support if your license is valid.
  • You have an opportunity to use all the themes multiple times to create different types of websites.
  • It’s possible to get a full refund within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the service.


  • It may be a little bit challenging for newbies to use Themify.
  • You may come across some minor bugs in the Themify Builder.


As for bloggers, they consider Themify a good option “if you’re looking for a very customizable theme. They offer lots of options you can use and have very nice sites as a result.”

WPeka Club

WPeka is a premium WordPress plugin club. It gives you access to 20+ feature-rich WordPress plugins made for different purposes.

This is like a one-stop-shop for all your WordPress related requirements.

In case you are looking for a platform where you will get to see themes and plugins together, WPeka is your option.

Here are the benefits you after taken membership:

  • Access to all plugins and themes
  • Get all new features updates
  • Get one to one, priority, email support
  • Get a discount on every purchase of themes and plugins
  • Better compatibility of plugins.


WPeka club has two different membership plans, Silver and Platinum. Silver is a monthly plan available at $17 and Platinum is a yearly plan that costs you $127.


  • Offers quality plugins compliant with WordPress codes and security standards
  • Make patent through PayPal and Stripe
  • Cancel your membership anytime
  • Get a full refund of your membership fees on cancellation of membership


  • Supports only two payment gateways
  • Membership is available for only WordPress sites, does not support any other CMS


WPeka Club memebership is good for them who wants to have multiple set of plugins at an afforadble cost. They have many plugins that would cost a lot if purchased separtely. If they have the particular plugins that you require, definitely go for it.



MyThemeShop is a wordpress club membership selecting which you may take advantage of premium WordPress themes and plugins. Moreover, you may find collections of magazines, blogs, WooCommerce, and business themes.


There are three pricing plans to select. There is a Free Membership where you get access only to free themes and plugins.

The Single Product plan costs $19-35. This is the price for one item you purchase.

If you want to continue using this product for the second year, you have to pay $19 per year. It’s the price for the support and updates.

The Extended Membership costs $8.29 per month. However, you have to pay annually. This plan is good for developers and agencies.


  • Collections of themes with a variety of useful features
  • A free pricing plan to try how everything works
  • a reasonable price for premium themes
  • the knowledgeable support team to help you with any issues
  • video tutorials to show how to use one or another theme.


  • An opportunity to use the product on up to five websites/domains
  • The necessity to pay an additional fee for migration, installation and other services.


Bloggers appreciate MyThemeShop subscription for various purposes. Among them, they mention “a clean membership area that’s easy to navigate. It gives you easy access to the premium products, support, account details plus affiliate scheme details.”

*Not Recommended By Bishnu Mahali


ThemeFuse is one more WordPress themes club for those who are looking for unique themes to build a website. More than 50 themes are available for clients.


There are four pricing plans offered to clientele.

ThemeFuse Pricing

The Hosted one is claimed to be free. You get a free theme and its installment. Moreover, the plan includes theme updates and premium support.

However, you have to pay for hosting from their partners. The Personal plan costs $49 and you pay only once. In this case, you are free to choose the hosting provider yourself.

With the Developer plan that costs $99 a year, you get access to all the themes. You may use them on an unlimited number of websites.

The final option is the Lifetime plan. You pay $199 only once and receive lifetime access to all the products and their updates.


  • They offer free samples to try and decide whether to join the subscription or not.
  • All the themes are user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • There is an experienced support team that provides premium customer care.


  • The number of themes that are available for customers
  • A necessity to pay for hosting services if you opt for the Hosted pricing plan.


The main strengths of the ThemeFuse themes are “in the quality and diversity of the themes they have and we can stand behind “quality over quantity” philosophy.

It is better to have fewer themes, but functional, customizable and gorgeous, which ThemeFuse themes are.”

Thus, I can say that all the mentioned subscriptions take their rightful places among paid WordPress Membership Subscriptions. They offer useful products.

Moreover, they have different payment options and reasonable prices. You can choose any of the WordPress Memberships. Everything depends on your preferences and requirements.

Now let’s move to the question of website maintenance and analyze what options we have here.

Well-known WordPress Services and Maintenance Subscriptions

WordPress maintenance and services subscription could be so useful for people who are busy creating content and want to have clear focus instead of doing everything themselves.

Here are some awesome subscription services that can help you out with that.

Template Monster Maintenence Service

WordPress Website Maintenance is the service offered by Template Monster. Having purchased the subscription, you will have your website fixed, maintained, and managed.

You will receive the following wordpress site maintenance services:

  • proactive WordPress engine and plugins updates;
  • database optimization;
  • performance check and optimization;
  • site improvement suggestions;
  • emergency care if your website is down;
  • hosting with InMotion.

These are the main offers you may obtain. The range of services is wider and the amount of them depends on the pricing plan you choose.


The prices start from $39 a month.


  • You obtain wordpress support and maintenance of the premium quality.
  • The qualified experts with 15 years of experience are ready to help you 24/7.
  • There is a great choice of services at your disposal.
  • If you choose an Annual Subscription, you will get 2 months of website maintenance for free.
Template Monster Pros And Cons


  • Google Analytics integration is no longer available among the services.


The main objective of the service is “to maximize your user comfort on WordPress. It’s also a right possibility for you always to have timely updated, well-optimized, and secure websites.”

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a WordPress maintenance service provider that offers different services both for website owners and white-label partners. If we talk about website support and maintenance, the services are the following:

  • website updates on a round-the-clock basis;
  • data security;
  • speed optimization;
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • weekly updates;
  • advanced support.


There are three pricing plans at your disposal. The Maintain plan is the cheapest one; it costs $67 per month. If you want to pay for the whole year at once, it will cost you $56 per month.

The Protect plan will be $147 and $123 per month correspondingly. The third option is the Perform plan. In this case, you have to pay $197 or $164 per month.

Here is the link where you may find out detailed information about the services you receive within one or another plan.


  • You obtain the high-quality services delivered on-time.
  • There is a white label program for freelancers and digital agencies.
  • Those who select the Protect or the Perform plan will get access to premium plugins.


  • The price may seem a bit high.
  • They don’t offer website migration services.


Bloggers appreciate their work: “The WPBuffs team is highly professional in fixing complicated problems, offering speed boost, and managing backups with 1-click restore capability.”


FixMySite is a professional wordpress support and maintenance service that offers on-demand website support with a guarantee. The services include:

  • small tasks, such as to input or update the text on the website or make changes to the website design;
  • repair services;
  • website migration;
  • speed optimization;
  • malware removal.


There are no fixed monthly or yearly pricing plans. They charge a certain fee for each particular service. For instance, the minimum price for small tasks services is $39.

They will repair your website for $49. Website migration will cost you $59. The price for speed optimization starts from $89. If you want your malware removed, you will have to pay $99.


  • The service is risk-free. If they don’t repair the website, you will get a 100% refund.
  • They work rather fast. For example, you will have your website fixed within one or two business days.


  • There is only 1 free revision.
  • There are no fixed pricing plans with a full set of services provided on an ongoing basis. Every time you need some service, you have to start by opening a support ticket.


As for the feedback from users, they say that “offering a wide range of services, their friendly and helpful team is on call for whatever you might need.”

WP Site Care

WP Site Care is a WordPress support service that promises to fix all the weird issues connected with your website performance. WP Site Care offers the following services:

  • 24/7 security monitoring;
  • daily website cloud backups;
  • managed WordPress updates;
  • performance optimization;
  • real time activity tracking;
  • customer support.

These are the main services included in the website maintenance packages. However, there are also additional ones, such as:

  • managed WordPress hosting;
  • WordPress development services.

You will obtain 2 hours of development services within one of the pricing plans. In case you need more, it’s also possible to discuss this question.


As for pricing plans, there are two options. The first plan is WP Site Care that costs $79 a month if you pay yearly. If you pay monthly, it will be $99 month-to-month.

The second plan is WP Site Care Pro. It costs $299 a month if you pay for the whole year at once. Otherwise, it will be $399 month-to-month. Of course, this WordPress maintenance package contains more services. However, it may seem a bit expensive.

They also offer a 30-day test-drive for any of the plans. If you don’t like the service, they will return your money.

You may take a look at the number of services you will receive within each pricing plan:

WP Site Care Pricing


  • You will have your website protected.
  • They will improve your website performance.
  • They will make your website as SEO-friendly, as it’s possible. Moreover, they will increase traffic to your website.
  • You won’t lose your data, files, and images. They will be safe in the Amazon cloud due to regular backups.


  • Their support hours are 9 am – 5 pm ET. Thus, you won’t be able to get support on a round-the-clock basis.
  • You can’t share the subscription with several domains. It’s necessary to buy a separate support package for every website you own.


As you may notice, the WP Site Care subscription seems a bit expensive and has some restrictions. Still, it’s rather popular among bloggers. The following feedback proves this: “The service is consistently touted as one of the most reliable and trustworthy around. WP Site Care will back up your website in real time, storing your data securely in the Amazon Cloud.”

Now To Wrap It Up

I have summarized the key features of several WordPress Themes, Plugins, Digital Assets, and Services subscriptions.

These product subscriptions will help you create a functional website at a faster rate with low efforts and a low failure rate.

Services and maintenance subscriptions specialize in ensuring the proper functioning of the website. Which will save you from the upcoming troubles on your website.

The subscriptions I have mentioned offer various products and services.

The prices are also different.

Sometimes they are reasonable and correspond to the amount of the stuff provided.

Sometimes the price may seem higher than it should be.

All of these subscriptions have their advantages and disadvantages.

The key message is to opt for the offer that will meet your requirements.

Which one is most suitable for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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