11 Ways To Find Blog Post Topics That Your Readers Would Love!

by Digital Nishant

Last Modified: November 27, 2022

By Digital Nishant

Last Modified: November 27, 2022

Finding a great blog topic can be difficult especially if you are a new blogger who doesn’t know any ninja techniques for finding awesome blog topics.

But not to worry because in this post I will tell you 11 ways to find blog post topics that your readers would surely love.

And I can assure you that if you read this post till the end then you won't face any scarcity of blog topics in the future.

Best Ways To Find Blog Post Topics

So, let's get started

11 Amazing Ways To Find Great Blog Topics

Writing a quality blog post takes time and we all want that the blog post that we have created with so much effort would drive traffic and sales to us.

But what if this doesn't happen because no one is searching for the topic you have created a blog post on.

You would be disappointed. Right?

That's why you should write blog posts only on those topics that people search on Google.

And in this post, I am going to tell you only those methods which would help you find blog topics that are searched.

So let's start with the first blog topic finding technique.

1. SEMrush Topic Research & Keyword Magic Tool

The first and the easiest way to find working blog topics is by using two webmaster’s favorite tools from SEMrush which are:

First, let's see how to do that with the Topic research tool. For that first, go to the content marketing section of SEMrush and click on the topic research tool.

Topic Research Tool SEMrush

After going there, put your seed keyword like "blogging", select the country and click on the get content ideas button.

Topic Research Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

Wait for some time and SEMrush would give you a lot of content ideas in different formats like:

  • Cards → All the topic ideas are grouped into different cards according to the topic. Click on the "show more" button to get the topics within each topic.
  • Explore → In explore tab all the topic ideas are arranged in a tabular format with Facebook engagement, backlinks, and total social shares.
  • Overview → This is the tab for those bloggers who are in a hurry of finding a topic to blog on. Here SEMrush arranges the top 10 questions and headlines related to the seed keyword that you have added.
  • By Mind Map → This will show all the topics in a mind map format and the trending topics are marked in red.

Along with that, you can get blog topics from competitors’ websites as well.

For that just add a competitor's website into this tool, but the topic you want to blog on, and click on the get content ideas button.

Find Blog Topic Ideas From Competitor

To know fully about this tool and a lot of other content marketing tools from SEMrush you can read this SEMrush Content Marketing Platform guide.

Next to find topics from the SEMrush keyword magic tool first go to the keyword magic tool under the keyword research tab.

Keyword Magic Tool SEMrush

After that add your seed keyword like "blogging for beginners", choose the country to target, and click on search.

Keyword Magic Tool To Find Blog Topics

It would give your thousands of keywords both short tail, medium tail, and long-tail keywords.

Keywords Find With The Help Of Keyword Magic Tool

After getting all these keywords you can do a lot of things like getting question keywords of your seed keywords, sorting the keywords based on volume, KD, CPC, and a lot of different things.

This tool would help you get a lot of blog topics or keywords which you can blog on within a few minutes which helps you save a lot of your time.

And you can trust the data and keywords of this tool, unlike other keyword research tools. 

Because it has one of the biggest keyword databases on this whole planet which consists of 20.8 billion keywords.

Huge. Isn't it?

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool to find low-hanging keywords to blog on.

Yes, it won't give you much traffic at present but if you are a beginner then these keywords would help your blog establish itself on Google.

To find blog topics from Pinterest you first have to go to its website and on the search box at the top write your seed keyword for example "blogging for beginners" and click enter.

Pinterest Auto Suggest Keywords

You would get a lot of pins that are based on different sub-topics on your seed keyword.

Find Blog Topics With Pinterest

Along with that you can click on any of the pins and scroll down to get more pins on the related topic.

Pinterest Blog Topic Ideas Finding

So, you can pick your favorite topics from these pins and you won't run out of blog topics again for SURE!

Pro Tip: After writing the post on a topic (that you found from Pinterest) you can even promote it on Pinterest to get some initial traction on your blog.

3. Google

The next method is to find topics from Google itself. To do that you have to first go to Google and type in your seed keywords like "keto diet for beginners".

Don't press enter you'll get keywords straight from Google and these keywords are known as Google auto-suggest keywords.

Google Auto Suggest Keywords

These keywords are super effective because Google gives keywords that are searched on Google.

This means that it has some search volume so you can target it to get traffic and sales to your website.

If you want more related keywords then put your keyword in Google, click enter and scroll down there you would see more related keywords.

Google Related To Keywords

You can also use it on your blog.

But the problem with this method is that how can you find the difficulty of the keyword that you have got from Google?

For that, you would need SEMrush or any other paid keyword research tool.

However, more the length of the keyword is less it would have difficulty so if you are a beginner then choose only long-tail keywords to blog on.

It won't have a large search volume but if you are just starting then you just want low competition keywords.

Pro Tip: For finding a more long-tail variant of a keyword you first have to choose a keyword from the Google auto-suggest keywords and click on the space button.

Google Long Tail Keyword Finding Strategy

It would give you more long-tail variants of that keyword.

4. YouTube

YouTube is another hub to find content for your blog for FREE.

First, put your seed keyword in the search tab on the top but don't click enter.

Like Google, YouTube would also give you auto-suggest keywords.

YouTube Auto Suggest Keywords

Just choose any one of the keywords from these and YouTube would show you more long-tail variants of the keyword.

This is just a way of finding keywords from YouTube.

In the next method of finding keywords you first have to put your seed keyword into the search tab on the top and click enter.

For example, “blogging for beginners”, click on the video which has the most views then check the likes, dislikes, and comments on it.

If it is high then it means that the topic is popular and you can write a blog post on it.

Find Blog Topics With YouTube

Also, you can go to any similar YouTube channel in the niche you blog, go to its videos section, and choose the "Most popular" option from there.

Find Most Popular Videos In YouTube Channel

It would help you find popular topics on that channel on which you can write blogs posts.

Most Popular Videos In A YouTube Channel

However, just like the Google method, you can't find the difficulty of the keyword without any paid tool like SEMrush.

5. Quora

Quora is a Q/A hub where people ask questions about various topics and get their answers ASAP!

You can also use it for finding great blog topics for FREE.

For that just go to the search tab, add your keyword like “blogging for beginners”, choose the questions that you can blog about, and make your blog on it.

For example, I found this question appealing and you can make your blog on it if you have a blog in the blogging niche.

Quora Search To Find Blog Topics

Along with that you can go to any space on Quora, see what questions are being asked there and choose the best one to blog on.

Also, you can go to the Quora profile of any of the bloggers in your niche, find which questions they are answering, pick those questions you find interesting and make a blog on your website.

Anil Agarwal Quora Profile Blog Topics Finding

And that's how you can find blog topics from Quora.

6. Twitter

The next way of finding topics for your blog is Twitter which is often the most ignored platform by bloggers but can be used to generate plenty of blog post ideas.

First go to Twitter, in the explore section type your keyword and click enter.

For example, I typed "blogging for beginners" and I got a lot of blog topics ideas that I can use.

How To Find Blog Post Topics From Twitter?

Here are some great blog topics that I found:

Pro Tip: Don't use long keywords like "how to start a blog" on Twitter while finding blog topics.

Because it would only show you those posts which contain the keyword and you won't get a variety of blog posts in the search results.

7. Competitive Research

The easiest way to find quality blog topics is to use competitive research.

To use this method first go to any website in your niche and find the section of "popular posts" on their website.

For example, I have gone to bloggerspassion.com, scrolled down, and found the popular posts section in the footer.

Competitive Research

Choose one or two topics from there, but the keyword in the title there, and see if any low DA, PA website is ranking in the top 10 (use Moz bar extension) or any thin content article is ranking in the top 10.

If the given condition is fulfilling in the SERPs then you can go for that keyword.
However, if you don't want to do all these things then you can use the SEMrush tool.

For that, you first have to go to the organic research section in the SEO section of SEMrush.

Next, put your competitor's domain here, choose the country to target, and click on search.

Competitive Research SEMrush

Scroll down, under the "top organic keywords" section, and click here to see all the organic keywords for which your competitor is ranking

Neil Patel Organic Keywords Section

Along with keywords you also get other keyword metrics like competition, CPC, volume, and more.

Neil Patel Organic Keywords List

So, you won't have to do manual research to find the competition.

8. Google Trends

Google trends is a great tool if you want to find new keywords that most people are not working on.

It gives you an advantage over your competitors to rank on Google for that keyword.

Just go to Google Trends, search your seed keyword for example "editing software", scroll down, and in the related queries section, you would get the keywords that are gaining popularity.

Blog Topics Finding By Google Trends

You can make a blog post on that topic to get ranked on Google and get organic traffic fast.

Also, if you see any keyword written breakout against it then don't forget to cover it on your blog because these are the most lucrative keywords out there.

On the left side of the related queries section, you would get the related topics section where you can click on any of the topics.

Blog Topics Finding Google Trends

Scroll down you would get the related queries and topics of that keyword as well.

Keyword Research From Google Trends

In this way find some keywords you like the most and start making quality blog posts on them.

9. Turn Your Outbound Links Into Content

This is another easy way to find blog topics easily.

To do that first go to any of your blog posts on your blog, find the outbound blog links (external website link) there.

Go to that blog post, find the main keyword of that blog post, put that on Google and inquire manually about the difficulty of the keyword (the way is mentioned in the competitive research method).

Along with that you can visit any of your competitor's websites, find the outbound links in their blog post, inquire about the difficulty of the keyword and make a post on it.

10. Make Your Next Post Based On Your Blog Comments

Blog comments are the goldmine for any blogger. It can help you improve your website's dwell time and can help you increase your website's rankings.

In the past, there had been discussions if bloggers should open their comments section or not.

Some bloggers say that comments are terrific whereas some say that they love getting comments on their blog.

In 2014 copy bloggers turned off the comments but later in 2016, they turned it on again.

Michael Hyatt also pulled off comments from his blog for a while whereas he pulled them back again.

However, that's not the case every time because Zen habits have turned off his comments till now because of excess comments spam.

But one thing which I believe is that blog comments are a great way to get blog topics that your readers would love without giving a dime.

For finding the blog topics first go to any of your blog posts, scan its comments section, find which questions your readers are asking and make a post out of it.

However, if you don't get comments on your blog post then go to any authority blog in your niche, scan their comments, find the questions asked there and make a post out of it.

On-Page Seo Guide Comments Backlinko

For example, I have gone to the On-page SEO guide of Backlinko, scanned its comments, and here are some questions that I found its readers asking.

  • How To Create Unique Content For Your Blog?
  • What Are Orphan Pages In SEO? Is It Really Bad For SEO?
  • How To Use Google Search Console To Improve Your Website's, On-page SEO?
  • How To Optimize Your Blog Images For SEO?

And that's how you can find content for your blog for FREE with the help of blog comments.

11. Ask Your Followers Your Next Blog Topic

Many new bloggers focus a lot on getting organic traffic to their blog but one thing which bloggers fail to realize is the importance of making a tribe online.

But why?

First, it helps you get initial traffic to your blog so you won't be dependent on the search engines for traffic.

Second, it helps you get regular sales which helps post-finding you differentiate you from the bloggers that depend only on search engines.

So, I would highly recommend you to create a Facebook Group, Telegram Group, or an email list that would help you make your digital tribe. 

Blogger Self Facebook Group

Start with a single thing and expand if you get success in one.

Along with getting traffic and sales you can also make a bond with your followers and develop trust within them.

You can ask them about the topics which they face problems within your niche and make a blog post on it.

After that promote your blog post within your group or email list to drive initial traffic to your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Keep All Your Blog Post Ideas In Place?

You can use either Evernote or Trello to keep all your blog ideas at a place.
I found Trello much more fun to use while organizing my blogging tasks and ideas at a place.

What Are The Best Ways To Find Blog Posts Ideas?

Here are my 5 favorite ways to find blog posts ideas:

  • Using SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool and Topic Research Tool
  • Use competitor's research
  • Find blog ideas on Quora
  • Use YouTube videos for blog ideas
  • Use Google itself.
Wrapping It Up...

Finding blog post topics is not tough just you have to use the ways which I have mentioned in this blog post.

Try each of the methods in this post and find great post ideas for your blog.

Now it's your turn to tell me which of the blog post-finding methods from this post you like the most.

Tell me in the comments down below.

I've one request, please share this post as it took a lot of efforts to create it.

It would make my day. Thanks in advance!

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