MemberDash Review: Best WordPress Membership Plugin?

Thinking about starting a membership website? Let’s figure out if this can be the ultimate solution for you in this detailed MemberDash Review.

But before we dive into the details of MemberDash, let’s take a quick detour to understand the concept of a membership website and why it’s a game-changer for both visitors and website owners.

I feel it’s important to understand how a membership website works to understand the importance of the MemberDash plugin and its features.

If you’re someone who already knows all about it, feel free to skip this section by clicking here, or else, let’s continue.

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What Is A Membership Site?

MemberDash Review

Well, the general concept is clear with the term itself.

A membership site provides exclusive content or some type of other perks for its members while the general visitor would not be able to access them.

There are websites that are completely locked and only a member can access them and then there are a ton of websites that use it as a monetization method or as a content upgrade.

The latter one is more popular among WordPress website owners and it can be very beneficial for you too.

In this type of membership site instead of offering everything to everyone, you create a separate section for your website where visitors need to sign up or subscribe to access the premium content, services, or products.

Think of it as the virtual velvet rope separating the general crowd from the VIP experience.

Now let’s have a look at some of the benefits of creating a membership website.

Benefits Of A Membership Website

Here are some of the benefits of a membership site for both visitors and website owners like you…

Benefits for Visitors

Now, why would your visitors willingly join this exclusive club that you will create on your WordPress website? There could be so many reasons for it but here are some of them that I can think of right now:

Premium Content Access: Access to content or services that you otherwise won’t be able to provide or you are sharing them as an upgrade for monetization purposes.

It creates a win-win situation which is better for longevity than offering everything for free.

Community Engagement: Membership sites often foster a sense of community among members and it helps everyone a lot just like real-world groups and communities.

It’s like being part of a niche club where everyone shares similar interests, creating a more engaging and personalized experience.

Special Offers and Discounts: Memberships also come with some special perks every now and then.

For example, you can offer your members exclusive discounts, early access to new content, or special offers that are not available to the general public.

Sense Of Belonging: When a visitor becomes a member it also creates a psychological impact where the visitor feels more connected to you, your product, or the services that you provide.

Ultimately it creates a beautiful and positive environment for everyone while propagating growth simultaneously.

Benefits for Website Owners

Now, let’s flip the coin and see why website owners like you are embracing the membership model and how it is beneficial for your growth:

Monetization Opportunities: It’s not just about getting visitors; it’s about turning them into paying customers or members so that you can monetize and plan things for the long term without getting broke.

A membership site opens up new revenue streams through subscription fees, one-time payments, or even tiered membership plans.

Build a Loyal Community: Having a dedicated group of members creates a loyal fan base or community which is far more valuable than any other thing.

These are the people who not only consume your content but advocate for it and you know you can rely on them for continuous revenue so that you can focus on the quality of your product/service. It’s a powerful thing to have.

Controlled Access to Premium Content: Instead of putting everything out in the open, a membership site allows you to control who sees what or, who gets what.

This exclusivity adds value to the content and encourages more sign-ups and paid members to support your business or community.

Now that you understand this, let’s get back to talking about the MemberDash plugin.

What is MemberDash?

MemberDash Review - LP Screenshot

MemberDash is a powerful WordPress plugin by the LearnDash team that allows you to create a membership WordPress website.

It makes everything easier for you so that you get started as quickly as possible and grow your membership community as fast as possible.

The best part is, that it was created by the same team behind the LearnDash plugin which is one of the best WordPress LMS solutions and they also offer their brilliant hosting service for these tools known as LearnDash Cloud.

If you don’t know about LearnDash then let me tell you that it’s one of the best WordPress plugins that allows you to create and sell your online courses without any hassle.

And if you want to learn more about LearnDash Cloud, I’ve already written a detailed article over here.

Otherwise, let’s have a look at the features and advantages of the MemberDash plugin to create a WordPress membership website.

Features & Benefits Of Using MemberDash

Now it’s time we talk about the reasons to use the MemberDash plugin to create your Membership WordPress website i.e., the features and benefits of using MemberDash.

Flexible Memberships

Choose from a variety of subscription types or membership levels that will grant different levels of access to your premium content.

This is extremely helpful when you want to create different levels of membership subscriptions that offer different things.

For example, you may want to include a base membership level which is either completely free or can be earned by performing some sort of task.

MemberDash Flexible Memberships

Now they’re your potential paid customer which you can target differently and try to upsell your other level of access for a premium.

Easy Content Restriction

MemberDash also gives you the power to restrict your content on specific pages, posts, categories, or even custom post types.

This essentially helps you to decide which content is visible to everyone and which is not.

On top of that, when you have multiple levels of membership subscriptions, you can grant access to different content for different levels as well.

MemberDash Content Restriction

For example, providing exclusive but lower-tier content for base membership levels while reserving the premium-tier content for high-level membership subscriptions.

Multiple Payment Gateways

One of the major problems that you face when you’re trying to start an online business is the integration of payment gateways.

MemberDash takes care of that by providing you with multiple payment gateway options that you can choose from. Currently, it supports or seamlessly integrates with Stripe and PayPal payment solutions.

And I’m hoping that they’ll add more options soon such as PayU or RazorPay.

MemberDash Payment Gateways

When it comes to accepting payments using MemberDash, there’s no need to stress about it. It seamlessly integrates with Stripe and PayPal and makes transactions as smooth as possible and secure.

Billing Management and Coupon Codes

With MemberDash you also get customizable invoices, the ability to enable prorating, and to use coupons to attract new members or customers.

You are in control of how you want to sell your memberships and you keep 100% of your revenue. No need to share it like other platforms ask you to do.

MemberDash Billing Management & Coupon Codes

Make sure you utilize the coupon functionality as it is bound to increase your sales. I tried it with my online courses and I highly recommend it.

Built-in Reporting

Another aspect of running a successful membership program is to gather and analyze the available data for better results and tweaks in the future.

MemberDash makes sure that you get to do that with its built-in reporting tool or dashboard that allows you to deep dive into the numbers and figure out the best way to grow your membership business faster.

MemberDash Built-In Reporting

This feature allows you to look into your top-selling memberships, revenue numbers, and more with just a few clicks in a beautiful dashboard which is extremely helpful.

Simple Account Management For Members

With MemberDash, your customers or members can effortlessly manage their subscriptions and view invoices from a single dashboard which is beautifully designed and makes things simpler for everyone.

This not only enhances the user experience for your members but also helps you avoid a lot of back and forth with them regarding their subscriptions.

MemberDash - Simple Account Management

Customizable Settings For Blocks & Shortcodes

With MemberDash you also get to configure restrictions intuitively with the help of blocks and shortcodes.

This feature becomes very handy when you want to show or hide certain parts of your website’s content for specific user roles or membership access levels.

You can either use the block settings to utilize this feature or you can use the good old shortcodes method depending on what you prefer.

MemberDash - Customize Settings For Blocks & Shortcodes

It works like content restriction plugins such as Content Restriction Pro. It’s a great tool/feature to have built into your WordPress membership plugin.

Integration With LearnDash

On top of everything, if you use LearnDash to create your online courses then you’d love this plugin.

As it is created by the same team, it integrates with LearnDash very well and you can utilize subscriptions or memberships along with your online courses to provide a better environment for your students or members.

The best way to utilize this would be to offer different courses for different levels of members as subscriptions instead of one-time payments.

MemberDash - LearnDash Integration

It can be a library of different courses and lessons like Skillshare or Udemy but completely yours and you’ll keep 100% of your money. Amazing, isn’t it?

You better get started with MemberDash today!

Experience It Before You Commit

LearnDash and MemberDash Demo - LP Screenshot

One other thing that I love about MemberDash or the LearnDash LMS plugin is the fact that you can try it before you purchase anything with their free demo.

I haven’t seen anyone else do it like this yet and I really appreciate what they have done here.

Get your own hands-on Experience with MemberDash before you commit or make a decision.

And while you’re at it, maybe have a look at the LearnDash demo as well. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like them both.

No need to wonder about it? Try the free demo now!

Now if you’re ready to commit then let’s have a quick look at the pricing of MemberDash.

MemberDash Review: The Pricing

At the moment of writing this, they have three different plans in offer and all of them are annual plans. Here’s how they’re priced at the moment:

1 Site$199/year
10 Sites$399/year

In most cases, you’d wanna go with the 10-sites plan just in case and you might want to check out the bundle plans on their website over here.

Also, please note that the pricing may vary depending on various factors. Click here to check the latest pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now finally it’s time we look at some frequently asked questions about the MemberDash plugin so that you don’t have any questions or doubts left on your mind. Here we go:

Ready to witness the magic of the MemberDash membership plugin? Check out the MemberDash demo over here.

To Conclude…

MemberDash is one of the best WordPress membership plugins out there that you should consider for your membership website.

It comes with a wide range of amazing features that make it easier to create and manage your membership website easily.

On top of that, the seamless integration between MemberDash and the LearnDash plugin is also something to look for if you’re an online course creator.

And not to mention the fact that you don’t have to share your revenue with them, you can keep 100% of your earnings for yourself which is great.

All in all, there’s nothing much to complain about MemberDash at this point and you can definitely give it a go to create your membership products or subscriptions.

Good luck and make sure to try it today!

MemberDash - LP Screenshot

MemberDash Review – Summary

MemberDash is one of the best WordPress membership plugins that you can get access to right now.

It comes with all the essential and advanced features that you’d want from it and it integrates with other tools such as LearnDash seamlessly which makes it even better.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s a great choice if you’re thinking of creating a membership website.

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