5 Affiliate Marketing Secrets To Make More Money Online

I want to share with you five affiliate marketing secrets that I wish I knew before.

It took me years to learn but because of those secrets, I've had a lot of success till now.

Affiliate Marketing

So today I want to share them with you so that it doesn't take you years to have that level of success.

Before I reveal my 5 affiliate marketing secrets, let's talk about the things which you should avoid while promoting affiliate products.

Career Progress

Don't kill Your Credibility

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. And nothing is perfect in this world.

The product and services of any company that you are promoting may not be perfect.

So stop promoting any product for the sake of commission that can kill your credibility in the eyes of your readers.

If you start promoting every second product, you will lose your credibility.

Because if they trust you, they will buy anything that you will be recommending.

Artificial Intelligence

Don't Invite Google For A Penalty

If you are copying someone else's content, spinning it and publishing it on your site, then sooner or later Google is going to come after you for a penalty.

Google is much smarter than before.

Online Ad

Don't Paste Too Much Banner Ads

According to Neilson, people don’t like banner ads.

But every newbie blogger is making this mistake. They start a blog and just put banner ads here and there in their site to increase sales.

Don’t do that, it will not work anymore.

Now let's dive into my affiliate marketing secrets that will help you make more money online and become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets To Earn More Commission

Here are my 5 affiliate marketing secrets to excel your affiliate marketing career with more sales and commissions.

1. Don't Promote So Many Products At The Same Time

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The first secret is you don't have to have multiple products or services that you're promoting to be successful.

This is a misconception that people think about all the time.

They think that to get success in affiliate marketing promoting more products is better.

So whether it's a no.1 product or three products or five products, you shouldn't start promoting multiple products at the same time.

This is not the right way according to me and my experience.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you just have to focus on one product and one product only.

In most of the cases, these three niches out performs most of the other niches.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Lifestyle

Do you know why these niches are the biggest in the world?

Because there are millions and hundreds of millions of people in each one of those niches.

And if you have one product that converts like crazy, you’re never going to run out of customers and you can scale up to the moon.

As a matter of fact, this was the only reason why I was able to generate a good amount of revenue from one single niche. 

And I didn’t have 10 products, and I was promoting one product only.

So that’s the first secret of affiliate marketing. 

Let’s move to the second one. 

2. Invest Money Initially Or Wait For Some Time

Pay Onlne

The second secret that I’ve learned is that it is okay to invest money initially in your campaign.

Now I know it sounds crazy because we always talk about affiliate marketers and making money from it, but guys let’s face it when you first start a campaign.

As you are aware that there are two ways in which you choose to promote any product. One is through organic traffic, or through running Facebook campaigns.

So if you are promoting products through organic traffic by SEO, then it will take time and soon you will start generating sales. It took me more than 3 months to make my first affiliate sale of A2Hosting.

The second method is running Facebook campaigns. And if you have a brand new pixel with no data on it and you have a new product that you’re testing out, you’re going to lose money initially on campaigns.

That’s okay because as long as you don’t continue to invest money that’s when the problem happens, but initially when you start a campaign all you want to do is you want to collect data.

So you want to know who’s clicking on, what’s my click-through rate, what’s my percentage of people clicking from my ad to my landing page, how many people are going from my landing page to my product, how many people are going to the order form the product page.

Those are all important stats you need to learn right off the gate because that’s going to help you optimize and dial-in in the future.

So one thing that I always struggle with answering the questions of a lot of people is they get worried that I spent $100 and I haven’t made my money back yet.

What should I do?

Should I turn off the campaign doors?

Nope, you only spend a hundred bucks right it’s not enough money in time before you can make a decision.

So you need to spend some more time and money collecting data and that’s going to be important because what you’re going to do is you need to have that data, then you’re going to make a lot of money.

Remember, guys if you want to reach the targeted ordinance you need to collect the data and for that, you have to invest money. Once you are ready with the data of your targeted ordnance, you will be able to generate leads.

And if you don’t want to spend money on ads, then you have to wait for more time to get sales.

3. Contact With The Product Owner Or Their Representative

Choose An Event

The third affiliate marketing secret is that you might not be aware of it, that you can reach out to a product owner or its representative. 

This is important as an affiliate marketer to make a good relationship with the product owner. 

If you will communicate with them consistently, then they will be knowing how their affiliates are converting and how they are performing. 

A good relationship with the affiliate representative can make a lot of differences, they may compensate you on how well you give them sales, and all they want is sales and sales.

4. Ask For Custom Commission Or Commission Hike


The fourth and most important secret of affiliate marketing is you can ask for a custom commission or commission hike. 

Once you start to get some sales or once you start to get some transactions, you can reach out to the affiliate representative and ask for a commission bump.

All you have to do is to send them a very polite and friendly email.

Just say like this:


My name is (Your name) and for the past couple weeks, I’ve been promoting your product.

And I’ve been getting a good amount of sales so far. However, I wanted to know if I can get a commission hike because I’m running paid ads and my margins are a little lower than I like them to be.

But with an increased commission, I know that I can spend more money and I can bring more sales to you.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Proud Affiliate,

Your Name

So by framing it that way what’s going to happen is those the product owners are probably going to end up giving you a commission hike and the reason why they’re going to do that is that you are giving them sales.

Believe it or not but they’re going to give you a commission hike because they don’t want your traffic to stop.

They want the customers so that’s another secret that I’ve learned is that you can reach out once you get some sales to get that Commission hike from the product owner.

Let’s move to the next secret.

5. Find Affiliate Programs With Lifetime Or Recurring Commission


When you are selecting the products or services to promote on your blog, which is fit for your niche. Don’t just apply for any second affiliate program, do some research and pick the right one.

A commission can vary according to the product or services. Try to find the products or services which will pay you “Lifetime Commission or Recurring Monthly Commission.”

These are the best affiliate programs to promote on your blog because they will give you a commission as long as you refer to them, customers.

The best example of an affiliate program that provides recurring commission is SEMrush it gives you a monthly commission of 40% every month.

The more customers you refer to, the bigger the commission you get each month. These programs help you earn more commission every month, putting fewer efforts.

Wrapping Up

There are tons of affiliate programs that you sign up and can promote on your blog, but if you want to build trust with your readers, then just don’t promote every second product or service for the sake of commission.

If you want to keep your credibility then don’t just slap affiliate banners here and there on your blog, it will not be a good idea.

Once you gain trust, you can promote any product or service to your readers.

If you like the information or if the information was useful for you to consider it sharing with your friends on social platforms.

If you have any queries or questions, don’t shy away from mentioning it in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey Ramesh,
    Good To See You Writing In This Amazing Blog. Affiliate marketing has created a mindset change in me. Promote one product at a time helps the marketior to build the trust. The increase commison tip will be helpful to the beginners.

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