GeneratePress Black Friday Deals 2022 (25% OFF)

GeneratePress Black Friday Deals 2023

GeneratePress is the most popular lightweight and fastest WordPress theme with thousands of satisfied users. Now you can use it too by availing 25% OFF this Black Friday or if you are already using it then, renew it at 50% OFF.

The Deal Expires In

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You missed out! Comeback Next Year.


Quick Review


GeneratePress is one of the best lightweight ultra-fast WordPress themes available for you.

Everything you need in a perfect WordPress theme is available there with GeneratePress.


The support for the theme is provided via their official support forum and everyone is super active there and will help you out. Plus, they have all the documentation on their site if you ever need it.

Cost / Value

When it comes to price to value ratio, I'll happily declare it the best WordPress theme ever. It costs only $59 for a 500 websites license. That's insane! And now you have an extra 25% OFF.

Note: If you need any help or want to consult before purchasing, feel free to reach out to me. Also, don't hesitate to ask me for other deals or free products and services.

GeneratePress Black Friday Offer Details

This Black Friday 2023, GeneratePress Premium is offering a whopping 25% discount on new license purchases and also a 50% discount on license renewal. Isn't that amazing?

By the way, I highly recommend purchasing the lifetime license if you can. It makes complete sense if you are planning a long-term website which is more likely and ideal.

Now let's look at the price difference this GeneratePress Black Friday sale is making:

Regular Price

Black Friday Price

New License



Renewal Discount



Lifetime Plan



  • GeneratePress Coupon Code: No coupons needed. Use this link to visit the discount page!
  • Bonus Offer: 50% Lifetime Discount On Renewal
  • The Offer Will Start On: 2 AM CDT, November 29, 2023.
  • The Offer Will Expire On: 2 AM CDT, December 3, 2023.
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  5  4

You missed out! Comeback Next Year.


GeneratePress Cyber Monday Deals

I haven't received any details on how much discount you'll get on Cyber Monday but in general, all the brands keep the same offer for both Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales.

So I think even for GeneratePress Cyber Monday sale, you'll get a 25% of discount for a new license and a 50% discount for license renewal. Do not miss this one!

Why GeneratePress Black Friday Deal Is Awesome?

You might have already heard about GeneratePress. If not, let me tell you that it is one of the best WordPress themes that you can get for your WordPress website.

It has over 3,738,545+ downloads and 80,000+ happy customers all around the world including me and a lot of my blogging friends.

The theme is only 7.3 kb in size and only uses 2 HTTP requests which allows it to be one of the fastest WordPress themes ever. It truly is!

My only complaint with them was that it was not possible to edit the entire theme like a theme builder using GeneratePress.

But this is also changing now.

They have introduced the Block-Based Theme Builder that you can use to customize how your website looks for real this time. Those days are gone when we could only change colors and stuff.

So you see, it has everything you can ask for and it's constantly improving. This is why this deal is awesome!

And not only that, but it is also cheaper than its other competitors like Astra, Genesis Pro, etc.

Few Reasons To Choose GeneratePress Theme:


There are so many reasons to choose the GeneratePress theme or the premium version if you are using its free version as of now.

The reasons or the value of GeneratePress Premium theme becomes even more convincing because of this amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale offer.

Let's have a look at some of those reasons of features of GeneratePress premium that would convince you that it is the real deal you need to grab this Black Friday 2023:

  • Ultra-Fast WordPress theme
  • Best Light-Weight Theme Having <10KB of Size
  • SEO-Friendly Design & Codes
  • Simple Customizing Options
  • 45+ Demo Sites Library To Begin With
  • 70+ Custom Fonts / Typography
  • Block-Based Theme Builder (New!)
  • Transparent Header & Parallax Effects
  • Mega Menu Plus
  • Remove/replace GeneratePress Branding
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Child Theme Support
  • Advanced Dynamic Content Hook System
  • Enable/Disable Elements As Of your Need
  • Import & Export All The settings And Data
  • And there are many more reasons.

What Are The Difference Between GeneratePress Free & Premium?

Well, there are a ton of differences. Don't get me wrong, GeneratePress free is also amazing to start with but it's very limited and it's not even close to what GeneratePress premium can offer for you.

Let's look at this comparison table below. Please note that I'm not including the features that are available in both versions of GeneratePress in the table.

GP Free

GP Premium

Premium Updates

Premium Support

Import & Export

Block-Based Theme Builder

Custom Copyright

32+ Site Library

Page Header

Editing Blog Page

Editing Backgrounds

Spacing & Padding

Mega Menu Plus

Custom Typography

Secondary Navigation

WooCommerce Integration

Section Settings

GP Elements

GP Hooks

That's a lot of stuff that you don't get with the premium version. Investment in something that can improve your business and revenue is definitely worth considering.

This Black Friday, I strongly advise you to upgrade to GeneratePress Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use GeneratePress For The Client's Website?

Yes, absolutely! With GeneratePress Premium, you get an unlimited site license. That means, with one purchase you can use it on as many websites as you want. There's no limitation. Fee free to use it on your client's website without any worry.

Should I Buy GeneratePress Premium?

If you want a premium website with no limitations on how you can use and customize your theme then definitely yes. GeneratePress free is good but GeneratePress Premium is better if not best. I highly recommend purchasing the premium version.

When Is Black Friday 2023 For GeneratePress Premium?

The Black Friday 2023 Sale for GeneratePress Premium will start on 29th November 2023, and it will last until December 3, 2023. Don't miss it, make sure to memorize or add it to your calendar!

Will This GeneratePress Black Friday Discount Apply To Existing Customers?

Yes, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount for GeneratePress Premium is available for both the new and existing users. The existing users can renew their license at 50% off during this sale.

Is There Any GeneratePress Premium Coupon Code For The Discount?

No, there is no need to activate GeneratePress Black Friday Coupon code. Just use this link to visit the discount page and the discount will be automatically applied for your purchase.

Is There Any License For Unlimited Websites?

GeneratePress had an unlimited sites license until 2020. But from now on, you can purchase one license for using it on up to 500 websites which is still unbelievable. So, while there is no longer any license for unlimited sites, you still have too many websites option under one license to fulfill your needs.

Build With GeneratePress

Grab the deal before it expires and enjoy the discount!


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