The Best WordPress Directory Plugin – Formidable Directory

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: October 6, 2020

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: October 6, 2020

Thinking of creating a directory website without coding a bit? Well, this WordPress Directory Plugin will help you do that.

The plugin will not only help you to create an amazing directory website but it's also the best WordPress form builder with so many other capabilities.

Formidable Forms

The WordPress directory plugin that I'm talking about is Formidable Directory. As the name suggests, it's the product of Formidable Forms. So you also get the power of Formidable Forms form builder along with awesome directory features.

Amazing right?

Let's talk about it in detail or you can grab it from here if you are already interested.

Formidable WordPress Directory Plugin

Formidable Forms is one of the best drag and drop WordPress form builder that has brought this feature recently.

It is trusted by over 300,000 businesses around the world and used by many popular brands that we know.

If you want to learn more about Formidable Forms then you can read the complete review here.

In this post, I'll only focus on their WordPress directory feature.

Example Of WordPress Team Directory

Example Of Team Directory Made With Formidable Directory

The above example is a basic team directory created using this WordPress directory plugin you can create whatever type of directory you want to create.

Here are a few examples of the types of the directory that you can create:

  • Business Directory
  • Local Shop Directory
  • School Directory
  • Web Domains Listing
  • Blog Directory
  • Non Profit Directory
  • Church Directory
  • Member Directory
  • And Many More...

Now let's look at some of its features that are really interesting.

Features Of Formidable Directory

  • Free & Paid Submission Support
  • Ratings & Review System
  • Easy-To-Use Directory Templates
  • Contact The Listing Owner
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Visual Form Styler
  • Display Submitted Listings With Views
  • Mobile-Friendly Responsive Listing
  • While Label Form Builder
  • RTL Support
  • Repeater Fields
  • Invisible Spam Protection
  • SMS Voting Using Twillio
  • User Tracking
  • Integration With Popular CRMs
  • Integration To Popular Payment Gateways & Tools
  • Translation Ready
  • Features Of Formidable Forms
  • And Many More...

FAQs For Formidable Directory

Now let me address some of the frequently asked questions about Formidable Directory. Here we go:

Will It Work With All WordPress Themes?

Yes, absolutely! Formidable Directory is a plugin that will work on top of your existing theme. It should work with any WordPress theme you can think of.

Does It Include Listing Templates?

Yes, it does. It comes with three built-in templates that you can start using directly. Hopefully, it will bring more templates in the future but you can always create your own templates whenever you want. The built-in templates are available for a business directory, staff/team directory, and user directory.

Do I Also Get A Form Builder With Formidable Directory?

Yes! Like I said in the post, you'll get the power of Formidable Forms form builder along with it. If you didn't know, Formidable Forms is the best drag-and-drop WordPress form builder that you'll be using to create your directory website.

Will I Get Search Feature With The Directory Listing?

Yes, you will. Formidable Directory has the features that will allow you to create a directory that will be searchable. Cool right?

Will Users Be Able To Edit Their Listing Submissions?

Absolutely! You users can register for an account while submitting a listing to the directory and can later modify the same by logging in to their account. Formidable Forms comes with the user registration and login feature as well, if you didn't know.

Can I Create A Business Directory Website Using This Plugin?

Well of course. In fact, it also comes with a built-in template to create a business directory website within a few minutes and a few clicks.

Is It Possible To Make It A Paid Directory Site?

As mentioned in the beginning, you can use it for both free submissions or paid submission. Accepting payments is again one of the features of Formidable Forms or Formidable Directory that lets you accept payments via popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

To Conclude...

Formidable Directory is the best option out there to create a WordPress directory website and you'll also get an amazing drag and drop feature-rich WordPress form builder.

This can't get any better. If you are ready to build your directory website then go ahead and get Formidable Directory today!

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