“Product Import Export for WooCommerce” Plugin Review

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: October 20, 2021

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: October 20, 2021

Want to move WooCommerce store products from one site to another?

Doing this manually can be tedious! Here is the one-stop solution for it, the Product Import Export For WooCommerce plugin by WebToffee.

Product Import Export for WooCommerce

What Is The Product Import Export For WooCommerce Plugin?

At times, you may face issues where you have to move the store products from one store to another.

It could be from a local setup to a live website, from one domain to another, and so on.

The Product Import Export for WooCommerce plugin imports and exports all your WooCommerce store products from one store to another, in BULK!

This means you can migrate tons of data using this plugin, that too in a few simple steps.

Key Features Of The Plugin

The free version of the product import export plugin:

  • Supports CSV format.
  • Support simple, grouped and external product types.
  • Export and import in batches.
  • Automatic column mapping.
  • Filtering data during export.

How Does The Product Import Export For WooCommerce Plugin Work?

Once the plugin is installed, navigate through the menu: WebToffee Import Export (Basic).

WebToffee import export basic menu

Now, you can follow the below illustrated 5 steps to export the WooCommerce products. To import, follow the first 4 steps.

WooCommerce Product Import Export Process


Products and product reviews can be exported in just 5 steps:

Step 1: Select a post type: The available post types are products and product reviews.

Step 1 - Basic Product Export

Step 2: Select an export method: Quick export, Pre-saved template and Advanced export are the provided export methods.

Step 2 - Basic Product Export

Step 3: Filter data: One can filter data with respect to the chosen post type.

Basic Product Export Filter Data

Step 4: Map and reorder export columns: To map, edit and reorder export columns.

Basic Product Export Mapping

Step 5: Advanced Options/Batch Export: Provides advanced options for export and scheduling export.

Basic Product Export Advanced Options


Products and product reviews can be imported in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Select a post type: The available post types are products and product reviews.

Step 1 - Basic Product Import

Step 2: Select an import method: Quick import, Pre-saved template and Advanced import are the provided import methods.

Step 2 - Basic Product Import

Step 3: Map import columns: To map and edit import columns.

Basic Product Import Mapping

Step 4: Advanced Options/Batch Import: Provides advanced options for import and scheduling import.

Advanced Import Screen Of Product Post Type

For more details on how to set up the plugin, refer to the user guide of product import and export.

You can also check this video tutorial for a quick understanding:

The import and export process of product reviews is explained in detail in the plugin’s documentation. You may refer to:

Product Import Export - What Do You Get?

On successful export, you will get either a CSV file downloaded to your system with all the exported data of the products.

For downloading in XML format, you will have to get the Product Import Export premium.

On successful import, you will get all the WooCommerce products in a CSV file added in your store.

The free version of the plugin imports data only from a CSV file. If you are having the product data in an XML file, import using the premium version of the plugin.

Thus, with all the easy to do methods, quick process and advanced features, the Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce is the best cost-effective plugin available in the market.

Pricing Plans Of Product Import Export Plugin

Product Import Export Plugin Free Vs Pro: Which Should You Use?

Both the free and premium versions of the plugin imports and exports data with utmost security and efficiency.

The basic version facilitates the basic import export process in a quick and efficient manner.

The Premium version offers many more advanced features when compared to the free version, and here is the list:




Export And Import With Product Images

Bulk Product Update

Batch Import/Export

Option To Save A Template For Future Import/Exports

Debug Logs

Supports Multiple File Formats

(Supports CSV Only)

Import And Export Via FTP/SFTP

Supports Multiple Product Types

Imports And Exports Hidden Meta

Automatic Scheduling

Third-Party Plugin Filter Support

Export Product Images As A Zip

Import from URL

Wrapping Up

The plugin is undoubtedly useful for building e-commerce websites, where the bulk import and export of products via a CSV or XML should happen seamlessly.

I highly recommend this plugin for hassle free bulk import and export operation of WooCommerce products as I found it very easy to use and following the video tutorial made the plugin interface more familiar.

It truly feels like adding a missing feature to your WooCommerce store that you always wished for.

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