SiteGround Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2020 (75% OFF)

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75% OFF

SiteGround Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting among the bloggers and businesses. And this Black Friday & Cyber Monday, SiteGround is offering up to 75% OFF on all their hosting plans.

Quick Review


SiteGround is the fastest, safest, and easiest to manage web hosting out there at this price range. Sometimes it even beats the premium business tier hosting companies.


Their support team is quick and helpful.

You have the good old ticketing option as well and a live chat and call facility whenever you run into an issue.

Cost / Value

It's the best web hosting you can get at the price they offer. I assure you that there's no other hosting to compete with it when it comes to price to value ratio. SiteGround has best pricing and value to offer.

Note: Feel free to contact me in any way or email me at if you require any help with anything. We can help you set up your website and provide some free service and themes, plugins, etc.

SiteGround Black Friday Offer Details

This 2020, SiteGround is offering up to 75% discount on all their hosting plans. It also includes managed WordPress hosting that you might be looking for. That means, the pricing would be as follows while the discount or deal remains active:

Plan's Name

Regular Price

Discounted Price










SiteGround Coupon Code: No coupon card is required to avail the Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers.

The Offer Will Start On: 2 AM CDT, November 29, 2020

The Offer Will Expire On: 2 AM CDT, December 3, 2020

SiteGround Cyber Monday Deals

Usually the offer for both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday are same and it is expected to be the same this year as well. That means you'll get 75% off on all their hosting plans during the Cyber Monday sale as well.

However, the Cyber Monday sale starts after the Black Friday deal ends. So if there will be any change, I'll update that here.

Why SiteGround Black Friday Deal Is Awesome?

Like I said above, SiteGround is one of the most loved web hosting or managed WordPress hosting on the internet. If you look at the polls around all the Facebook groups dedicated to bloggers, you'll clearly see that it tops the list almost all the time.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that SiteGround hosting is perfect even with its regular price and now you're getting the same hosting and its greatness at 75% OFF.

Now you tell me, isn't that awesome?

Who Should Buy SiteGround?

To be honest, almost everyone. But let me clarify that almost. SiteGround shared hosting is best for beginner to intermediate level of bloggers. It's cheap with premium performance and value.

By the way, the shared hosting and the managed WordPress hosting looks exactly the same on the front end and the pricing are same as well. So there's not much of a difference.

However, if you are looking forward to create a WordPress website then select managed WordPress hosting.

And their cloud hosting is one of the most powerful managed cloud hosting out there which is suitable for big businesses and enterprises.

Wanna sell the hosting instead? You've got that too with white labeled reseller hosting.

As I said, it's for everyone.

Which Plan You Should Choose?

I know it could be confusing to decide which plan is suitable for you. Let me help you over here with these general situations:

You Only Need 1 Website And/Or You Are A Beginner

If you are a beginner and you need only 1 website then go with the SiteGround StartUp plan. The same applies to those who are experienced enough but don't get too much traffic. However, if you get a lot of traffic, you should go for bigger plans. Otherwise, just go ahead and purchase the StartUp plan.

You Need Multiple Websites And/Or Have High Traffic Website

In this case, you should go with the GrowBig plan which offers you to host unlimited websites and offers a high number of server resources.

This is the plan most people should choose. And when your traffic becomes way too high then you can upgrade but most of the time you won't need to upgrade for at least 3 years. I guess it's the most valuable plan for you too.

That's it, don't miss this super amazing Black Friday offer.

Your Website Traffic Is Way Too High But You Don't Want A Hole In Your Pocket

Well, the sweet spot for you would be to go with the highest shared hosting plan that SiteGround offers. And that's their GoGeek plan.

Their GoGeek plan and the cloud hosting plans comes with optimized PHP which improved the TTFB and uses less server resources while making the site super fast.

This plan should be more than enough for almost 99% of the people including you. So go ahead and grab the SiteGround GoGeek plan for 75% of this Black Friday. Don't miss out on this web hosting deal.

I Have A Big Business And Money Is Not My Issue. I Want The Best!

In case you have a big business that needs hosting and money is not an issue then you should go with the SiteGround's cloud hosting which starts at $80/m.

Now let me tell you that most of us will probably never require this plan. Buy this one only if your business is too big and you get too much traffic simultaneously or your website has a complex system that requires more power in the server.

By the way, even if you are not satisfied with their highest cloud hosting tier, you can contact them to get a custom cloud hosting. They call it, Enterprise hosting.

Still confused which plan is suitable for you? Contact me and I'll be happy to help you.

Few Reasons To Choose SiteGround Hosting:

Although there are too many reasons why you might choose SiteGround as your web hosting company this Black Friday but here are some of the top reason why you would choose SiteGround on this Black Friday sale:

  • No. 1 Recommended Hosting Provider
  • Google Cloud Infrastructure
  • Latest PHP Support (PHP 7.4 at the time of writing this.)
  • 99.99% Uptime (Only went down once in my years of use.)
  • FREE Cloudflare CDN (I Recommend Using BunnyCDN Or StackPath MaxCDN)
  • FREE SSL (A must-have in all hosting.)
  • FREE Migration / Website Transfer
  • Email Hosting Service Included
  • SiteGround Superchacher For Faster Website (In-built caching technology.)
  • SG Optimizer Plugin for more speed optimization
  • 4 Data Centres To Choose From (Plus you have Cloudflare CDN)
  • Ultra-Fast Hosting But Affordable (Nginx Server)
  • SG Migrator Plugin To Transfer Website Yourself
  • 24x7 Awesome Customer Support
  • Daily Automatic Backups (Manual Backups Available As Well)
  • No. 1 Rated Hosting In All Facebook Group & Twitter Polls
  • And there are many more reasons.

How To Activate The SiteGround Black Friday Deal?

It's too simple but let me help you any way,

Step 1: First of all, click here to go to their website.

Step 2: Choose your preferred plan. I highly recommend purchasing the GrowBig plan if you can.

SiteGround Choosing Web Hosting

Step 3: Choose or select a domain name. If you already have a domain then click on "I already have a Domain" and enter your primary website domain. Don't worry you can add the rest of the websites later if you have multiple websites.

SiteGround Hosting Purchase Domain Selection

And in case you don't have a domain yet then you can select the "Register a New Domain" option to get a new domain. However, I highly recommend purchasing a domain from somewhere else like NameCheap or Google Domain.

Later you can connect the domain with your web hosting by changing the nameservers that you'll receive in your email and can be seen in your SiteGround dashboard as well.

It's an easy process, don't worry! Here's a video tutorial if you need one:

Step 4: Fill in details, select data center, etc. and then pay to get your web hosting activated within minutes.

SiteGround Hosting Checkout Page Screenshot

That's it, you are ready to create your websites under SiteGround hosting and you saved a lot of money thanks to the SiteGround Black Friday offer.

Common Issues & Solution While Purchasing SiteGround

Despite being the best web hosting provider in the range, they don't provide multiple payment options by default. Because of this, a lot of people face issues to purchase SiteGround due to payment failure and a few other reasons. Especially people from India are facing these issues.

I did tell their billing team about it but so far there's no other option available by default. Hopefully, they will add some alternative payment options later on their checkout page. For now, let's talk about them with the solution.

Payment Failed, My Card Doesn't Work On SiteGround

I know that a lot of people see this issue while purchasing and I was one of them too. Along with that, while helping my clients and customers the issue was seen repeatedly. And that's how I know it's very common.

Basically they don't support all types of cards. When I tried purchasing with Credit Cards, I didn't see the issue but with Debit Card, the issue was there. By the way, I tried both VISA and MasterCard.

So I came to the conclusion that Debit Card doesn't work as a payment option while purchasing SiteGround. Or maybe the issue is with just the Indian Debit Cards.

The first solution is to use a Credit Card instead of a Debit Card. If you don't have one, keep reading for the other solution.

My Debit Card Is Not Working On SiteGround & I Don't Have A Credit Card

Now this one is specifically more related to Indian users. In India, the majority of the people don't have or use a Credit Card for their purchases.

Most of them, just have the basic Debit Cards issued by their banks and those card doesn't work on SiteGround.

The way around or the solution to this issue is that you can via PayPal as well. If you don't have a Credit Card or your Credit Card is not working on SiteGround directly then PayPal is the only option you've got.

If you already have a PayPal account and your card works with it then jump to this section for the steps to pay via PayPal.

I Don't Have A PayPal Account OR My Card Doesn't Work On PayPal Either

Again, this is a common issue specifically in India because the banks here provides the basic Debit Cards to most of the user and they don't really have any idea about it.

Let me tell you that not all the Debit Cards are equal and just because it has the VISA or MasterCard logo in it, doesn't mean it is enabled for international transactions. Some banks even have settings to block International online shopping.

And guess what? Most of the user gets the card with International transactions disabled by default.

If you already have a card that should work with PayPal then, check if the debit card is enabled or not for such online transactions. If not enable them and then try again.

Most banks allow you to enable those with their Internet banking service or mobile app.

Some of the cards that I've seen working perfectly are SBI Intouch VISA Card, ICICI Titanium Debit Card, Kotak Mahindra Debit Cards, etc.

And if you don't have a PayPal account then please go ahead and create one by clicking here.

In case, you are still having issues to pay then contact me and I'll help you.

How To Pay Via PayPal To Purchase SiteGround?

By default, SiteGround doesn't provide the option to pay via PayPal. To do so, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Try Purchasing As Usual

I know what I'm saying. You have to initiate the purchase and enter the card details and submit the form to result in payment failure. If it has already happened to you then move on to the next step.

Step 2: Initiate A Live Chat Customer Support

Now look at the top right corner, there's a button to initiate a live chat with the sales team. The button might be labeled as "Sales Chat". You may need to login first to see this option.

Step 3: Send The Details & Request

Now you have to send the details of your account that you were trying to create. Basically the domain name you chose and your email id.

For your convenience, I have written this for you to copy-paste:


I was trying to purchase the [plan name] with the primary domain name [] and using the email id [].

The payment is failing all the time. I think my card won't work directly. Can you please provide me with a PayPal payment link so that I can get it done.


Replace the highlighted parts with your own details of course.

Now if the customer representative will ask any more details, feel free to provide them but they don't ask anything else as far as I remember.

Step 4: Pay Your Invoice

The sales team will generate an invoice from PayPal for you and will send you the link. You'll have to click on the link and make the payment just like you do with PayPal.

Step 5: Wait...

Once the payment is done, their sales or billing team will manually activate your hosting account. That's why you need to wait a couple of minutes before it's ready to rock.

You should receive an email when it will be ready and then you'll be able to use SiteGround as usual.

By the way, to renew the hosting via PayPal, you'll have to do the same thing.

I hope it helps you to capture the SiteGround Black Friday deal of 2020. And of course, the Cyber Monday as well if you are purchasing in December 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy SiteGround?

As I said, SiteGround is suitable for almost everyone. Read the post to get an exact plan suggestion for you or contact me if you are not sure if it's right for you even after reading this post.

Is SiteGround Fast?

Yes, SiteGround is an ultra-fast web hosting with an affordable price that you'll love. It uses Google Cloud, SSDs, Latest PHP, OpCache, CDN, Nginx, etc. to make your site blazing fast.

Is SiteGround Better Than Bluehost?

No doubt it is. SiteGround is way better than Bluehost and that's why it is recommended by almost all the bloggers or businesses out there. Including me.

Does SiteGround Offer Free Domain?

No, SiteGround does not offer any free domain but here's my suggestion, never get distracted by the free domains offer. They are cheap and it's better to buy it yourself separately from hosting.

Free domain offer is there too grab your attention and distract from the downsides of another hosting. Buying shitty hosting for the free domain doesn't worth it.

Is SiteGround Good For WordPress?

Absolutely! It's a Managed WordPress Hosting provider and it also recommends by officially. It definitely is good!

Does SiteGround Offer Free Migration?

Yes, SiteGround also offers to professionally transfer or migrate your website from your old host to SiteGround for free.

And you can also do the same yourself using SG Migrator plugin as well. However, I won't recommend you to this yourself if you are not an expert.

Does SiteGround Offer Free SSL?

Yes, it does. SiteGround provides you with Free SSL from Let's Encrypt which renews automatically and you can also get a wildcard domain SSL as well.

My Personal Experience With SiteGround & Conclusion

I have been using SiteGround for years and it has come a long way since the beginning. From being like everyone else to standing out in every manner and even giving tough competition to premium enterprise hosting companies.

SiteGround is by far the best web hosting I've ever used in this price range. Of course, with the higher price you get better services but trust me when I say this, "SiteGround is capable of beating many premium hosting companies which costs you a lot more than what you pay here".

One of the major issues that I faced while I was using Bluehost and A2Hosting was their downtime. But with SiteGround, I've only seen once in my life till now. And I find that pretty amazing.

Apart from that, it has the easiest to use interface and management system for your website and an awesome customer support team.

So if you'll ask if it is worth purchasing even at their regular price, I would say "YES!" And now you can purchase it with a whopping discount of 75% in this Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

Which are the unbelievable deals and you should definitely go for it?

Grow With SiteGround!

Grab the deal, before it expires and enjoy discount!

SiteGround Hosting Homepage







Price / Value



  • Ultra-Fast Hosting With Google Cloud Infrastructure
  • Easy To Use Dashboard & Management
  • Built-In Plugins & Features For Better Performance
  • Awesome Support Team For 24x7
  • Premium Hosting At An Affordable Price


  • It Might Seem A Bit Pricey To Some People

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