Creating Surveys On WordPress Website Using Formidable Forms

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: September 29, 2020

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: September 29, 2020

Ever thought of creating surveys, quizzes, polls, questionnaires, etc. on your WordPress website?

They can be super helpful for your business or your website. Not only it is engaging but also provides a lot of valuable data which can be used for improvements.

Formidable Forms

If you are thinking of creating surveys on your WordPress website, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you Formidable Forms and it’s features to create online surveys, poll, quizzes. Etc. on your WordPress website itself. No third-party involved.

First of all, let me introduce you to Formidable Forms a little bit if you don’t know anything about it.

What Is “Formidable Forms”?

Formidable Forms is a brilliant drag and drop WordPress form builder which is affordable while being super advanced. Any type of forms you can think of can be made using it without any issues or even coding. Yes! No coding required.

Wanna learn more about it? Read its review here.

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Formidable Forms As Survey Builder

WordPress Survey Plugin

Like I told you above, it’s super powerful and it can create any type of forms. Including surveys, polls and quizzes.

Here are some features of Formidable Forms that are useful for making surveys:

Drag and Drop Survey Form Builder

Drag And Drop Survey Builder

Like I said before, it’s a fully drag and drop based form builder so the surveys can be created in the same way. No need for hours of coding or work.

Summary (Review Before Submit)

Formidable Forms Survey Builder also has this functionality where the users can review the form or survey before actually submitting it. And you already know how useful this is, Isn’t it?

Visual Poll/Survey Styler

No back and forth with the coding and CSS. Design it while looking at the changes happening live. No more guessing on how the form or survey will look like. Use the visual styler to style everything with instant result.

Multi-Page Polls/Survey With Progress Bar

Progress Bar For Survey

It’s no more a secret. If you want higher conversion rate then you better divide your forms or surveys into multiple pages. Guess what? You can do that using Formidable Forms Survey Builder easily. And yes! It comes with the progress bars as well.

Smart Question Branching

Conditional Logic For Survey

You can use the conditional logic feature to avoid unnecessary questions. Ask only the questions that matter. Why bother the users to submit things that are irrelevant. And part form that, less or right questions will improve your conversion rate. So make sure you use the conditional logic feature of this WordPress survey plugin whenever necessary.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive WordPress Polls/Surveys

Worried if it will work on mobile devices? Don’t worry! It is completely responsive and mobile-friendly.

Survey Templates for Instant Form Building

Don’t like to create forms or surveys from scratch? You don’t need to. There are many pre-built templates are also available for your convenience. With a click of a button, you can get a ready-made template for you which you can further customize as per your need or use it instantly. Amazing right?

Why Formidable Forms Survey Builder?

Here are some of the reason why you should be using Formidable Forms WordPress Survey plugin:

Powerful Polls/Surveys On Your Website

Powerfull Poll In WordPress

Create powerful polls, surveys or quizzes to grow your business and website from your WordPress dashboard itself. It’s easy to use while being very advanced and featureful. And those gorgeous reports are really attractive to see. Don’t miss that 🙂

Control Your Data with Self-Hosted Surveys

Self-Hosted Survey Data

As it’s a WordPress plugin, it doesn’t store data on their site. Enough of using surveys on a third-party website and risking the privacy of your visitors. By using Formidable Forms Survey Builder, you will have full control over the user data.

Conversion Focused Pre-Built Templates

Formidable Forms Survey builder also comes with some conversion focused pre-built templates that you can use instantly. Here are some of them:

Conversion Focused Pre-Built Templates

Improve your customer services by using this template.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Are your employees satisfied? Use this WordPress survey template to find out.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

Get insightful feedback to increase customer satisfaction and your business.


Collect and share testimonials.

Cancellation Survey

Use it to find out why the user opted for cancellation and how you can improve.


Create polls to find out user interests and stuff.

Control Over The Questions

Use conditional logic to ask the questions that matter and increase your conversion rate while keeping your users happy and excited.

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Some Of The Use Cases For Polls & Surveys

Thinking of how surveys can be helpful for you? Here are some of the use cases listed for you:

Data Collection

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Demographic Survey
  • Lead Generation Questionnaire


  • Student Satisfaction
  • Course Satisfaction
  • Parent Engagement


  • Patient Intake Questionnaire
  • Post-Visit Patient Satisfaction
  • Health Insurance Evaluation

Market Research

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product-Related
  • Opinion Poll

Customer Research

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Service Feedback
  • Brand Perception


  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Job Exit Interview


Surveys, Polls & Quizzes are super-helpful to grow your business and it shouldn't be difficult to create.

That's where Formidable Forms plugin comes as a WordPress Survey Plugin to save your life.

Don't worry about any coding or costly solutions. Simply use it's drag and drop form builder to create any type of surveys or quizzes or whatever you want to make.

Get the results in layouts like graphs and charts. If you want you can also display the poll results in the front-end by using shortcode.

Integrate it with almost any of your other software or web apps that you are using such as ConvertKit, Zapier, Hubspot, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

It has endless possibilities and you should definitely use it.

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