All You Need To Know To Make Elementor Online Course Website

by Lana Miro

Last Modified: June 6, 2020

By Lana Miro

Last Modified: June 6, 2020

Want to create your Elementor online course website? People are ready to pay big money on things that make them evolve.

Besides, everyone should stay home during the quarantine days. That is why online education already found a ready market.

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Would you like to run a progressive Elementor online course website? In this post, I'm going to provide you with a quick guide on how to get it.

What Is An Elementor Site?

Long story short, this is a website based on Elementor. Being one of the most useful content builders, Elementor provides users with lots of ready-made elements.

You have a built-in library of presets that, by the way, regularly receive updates. The system installs all the novelties automatically, so that would be nothing you should do.

Elementor Site Example

When choosing an Elementor-based template, you get many website essentials, like the following:

  • SEO-readiness,
  • Buttons & other CTAs,
  • Contact Forms and Search Forms,
  • Media Library,
  • Social Options, etc.

Elementor Page Builder works on a well-known drag & drop technology. It is pretty simple and allows users to create and edit online pages without coding.

You only need to select a content element you prefer and drag it to the builder’s window.

How To Build An Elementor Online Course Website?

Elementor Online Course Website Special Program

Before everything else, you have to pick up an Elementor-based theme or template. Here are some must-haves to further your decision-making. The item you choose should have the next features:

  • Comfortable, visitor-friendly Navi, including sortable gallery and other features that make it easier to navigate through the project,
  • Multilanguage or at least translation-ready content because less than ¼ of users are native-speaking,
  • Intuitive Search to let the site visitors quickly find the needed page or product,
    Eye-friendly fonts,
  • Wholly responsive design to make the website look excellent no matter which screen size a user has in hands, etc.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Choose Mobile Ready Themes

Once you’ve chosen a template to work with, make it mobile-friendly. Mobile usage keeps on rising, and most prospects enter websites via smartphones instead of using computers.

By making a site mobile-ready, you would automatically increase its audience. Take a look at the statistics below.

  • More than 60% of prospects have a better opinion on companies if they offer an excellent mobile experience.
  • 20%+ Google searches come from smartphones.
  • ¼ of US customers access the web space only via mobiles.
  • 55% of social media consumption happens on mobile devices.

Make Everything Easy-To-Find

Good Navigation Theme Demo

When it comes to the site-building process, make sure that it is easy for a visitor to find whatever they are looking for.

And you should start with a header because it’s going to be the first thing a person sees when entering the site.

I recommend you get a sticky header. Though they might look like tiny details, sticky elements do improve the website navigation. It helps to retain prospects.

The more user-friendly your site is the more chances to attract the opportunities you have.

Let’s imagine a person who comes to your site for the first time. They know nothing about your project, and what would they see before all else?

Your header! That is why most brands put important information in headers, like contact details. People got used to it.

So, when someone visits your site, they already expect to see all the vital links and details in the header.

Also, they expect these details won’t disappear once a user scrolls down the page.

Good Footer Navigation Example

If the header didn’t move with the visitor, this person would have to scroll up every time they need to see the header. Nobody would like it.

Elementor allows making your headers sticky. See the video below for step-by-step tutorial on how you can do it in a code-free way.

Besides, here are a few website elements I recommend to make sticky as well:

  • Site Menu,
  • Back-to-Top button,
  • Quick Contact Form,
  • CTA.

Keep It Laconic

Make It Laconic

So, you have an Elementor online course website template that comes with all must-have pages. These are the sections for general information, like the following:

  • About Us,
  • Courses & Schedule,
  • Our Teachers,
  • Blog,
  • Contacts.

It looks like all you need to do is to fill in the pages with your content. However, it won’t be enough to make prospects notice your project, among other online offers.

People would read all of these only if they are interested in your courses. And how to get their attention?

Include About Us Section

You should add some trendy elements to the web design. The Elementor library offers a variety of different pre-designed trendy elements.

It includes counters and linked banners you can place on the main page.

With it, you can showcase catchy details (e.g., new courses, special offers, and satisfied students) in an attractive but laconic way.

No need to overload the site design. It can make people feel lost and confused.

The properly chosen visuals would help you to introduce the result of your work without distrusting the visitors.

Make It eCommerce-Ready

Well, building an Elementor online courses website means you are going to receive some payments.

The good news is that all modern Elementor templates are Ecwid-ready.

It means they come with a complete set of various eCommerce-oriented components and features.

The function is free for any Elementor user, which means you can sell items online without making additional payments.

eCommerce Ready Template

Here are the must-haves for your website:

  • Multiple payment methods,
  • Multi-currency feature,
  • Free trial,
  • Detailed courses pages,
  • Modern blog with tags,
  • SM buttons.
Include Blog Section

And don’t forget about student feedback! 95% of people do read reviews.

What is more, almost 60% of users take a company seriously only when it has 4 or more stars.

Seeing that, don’t you want to use Testimonials or even create a separate section for learner feedback? Elementor has everything ready-to-use for it.

In Closing

Website building becomes more accessible every single year. It is affordable for most people to run their websites.

But, technological progress also makes it harder to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

You can see nearly 1.3 billion websites nowadays. Still, not all of them are comfy and visitor-ready. You should use it to get prospects’ attention.

Having excellent coding skills is not necessary to run a progressive website.

Elementor allows launching sites of different complicity without any extra skills.

What you do need is to make the website prospect-friendly, so go ahead!

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