FreshBooks – The Best Cloud Accounting Software We Need

FreshBooks is one of the best cloud accounting software in the market.

Its cloud-based program is reckoned as an absolute win for small business owners and startups to help manage their finances.


Besides, they have milestones like the Gold Stevie Award for the best sales and customer service. And not to mention, the best customer satisfaction rate out of its competitors.

You will find out the top reasons why FreshBooks is number 1 in the game ahead in this post.

Mike McDarment started FreshBooks in January of 2003.

Mike used to run a four-person design agency. Billing the clients using Word and Excel used to frustrate him.

Another major problem was exposed when he accidentally saved over another invoice.

Mike McDarment

This defeat made him realize that there should be a better way of this and the idea of FreshBooks came to light.

As you can tell by now, FreshBooks has been well received by the public for its outstanding features.

It’s a great tool for small businesses, freelancers, etc. for their financial activities.

This cloud-based solution has the qualities that we couldn’t afford back then.

Now, with their flexible price point, anyone can get their hands on it. And there is a free trial available as well. No credit card required!

Why carry a weight of doubt when you can test it before you pay?

And when you feel like it’s useful for you, they have a monthly subscription that is affordable.

FreshBooks fast and easy operation makes any troublesome finances into anyone’s bread and butter.

It is designed so anyone can ditch the accountants and carry out the work themselves.

In a few clicks, anyone can become an accounting pro of their company. Because FreshBooks has made the procedure so easy.

The company also has the backing of large corporations like Shopify, Stripe, Fundbox, Gusto and G Suite.

They also have their iOS and Android apps to make sure you can do your work from anywhere.

Send invoices, track time, receive updates and chat with clients even if you’re not in the office.

FreshBooks Is Muli-Platform/Multi-Device Supported

Now before we explore more, let’s talk about its ongoing sale.

FreshBooks is now running a big sale for its customers. If you get the package of 6 months then you will get 60 percent off of your purchase.

This deal makes the full scheme an even better option.

Not only you’re getting all the functions to help maintain your finances, but also getting it in an immense discount. (If you consider providing your business with half a year plan.)

The beginner/lite plan starts at only $15 per month.

Anyways, there is a lot more to talk about it. So if you’re not buying, let’s move on!

What Things Can Be Done With FreshBooks?

Now I’ll be summarizing its features and functionalities in a moment but I would like to show you a video first. Which is self-explanatory. Here it comes:

If you are still not convinced then feel free to read on.


If you need to create a professional-looking invoice for your client, FreshBooks is for you.

After creating a new invoice, you can choose from one of their templates and customize it as needed.
You can add your logo and add your thank you email to impress your clients.

They can pay you online in their preferred way and the process is up to 11 days faster.

FreshBooks lets your customers pay through invoices, and records each payment in your account.


Your expenses are protected by Freshbooks.

From tracking down your monthly spending to keeping an eye on your tax calculations, it has covered you in all areas.

You can connect your card and bank details to get a clearer vision of how much is getting spent on what.

It gets updated once you make any transactions with your connected accounts.

It shows you a clear visual of your tax.

FreshBooks keeps track of all your expenses and helps you categorize them to help you maximize your tax deductions.

Time Tracking

Now you can track your productivity using FreshBooks.
It enables you to see how long a certain project took to complete.

You can see your actual work hours and rectify where you are not efficient enough.

You can also start a timer every time you start undertaking a project and once you’re done, you’ll have an accurate time log ready to pop onto an invoice.

Besides that, you will also get to see the time management of your entire team and prevent any problems with your members.

The software offers you to check when your client has seen zoned your invoice. FreshBooks has a feature where you can view the full history of the invoice.

Whenever a client opens the invoice, it goes from Sent to Viewed, and the date that the client viewed the invoice is recorded.

Then you can make your decisions on whether to move forward with this client or not.


FreshBooks offers all popular online payment options.

This makes easier for international people to choose whatever way they feel.

This also makes the payment option faster and easier to use.

You have an option to get paid upfront with a deposit.

This makes you stress-free as you are getting paid no matter what and the risk of the clients not paying on time disappears.

Clients can pay with a credit card, letting you receive payments online.

If you work for a client on a regular basis, you can set the invoice to get paid on a weekly, monthly or any customized schedule.

Not to mention, the software offers you to set out reminders to your clients for payment. Usually, it is quite stressful to ask for payment but FreshBooks makes it easy for you.

You can schedule your customized message to remind your customers. You can also add late fees to encourage timely payments.


Use reports to see exactly how well your business is performing. FreshBooks creates financial reports to let you know whether your business is running a profit or loss wave.

It gives you the exact sales figures and expenses numbers to help improve your work.

When it comes to tax, it has made the game simpler as everything is arranged at one place so you calculate your next move.

It is easy to manage you’re your taxes and provide your accountant with every required information needed.

Who Should You Be Using It?

If you are still unsure to spend some of your hard-earned money on FreshBooks.

Then you should hear it from the actual (trustworthy) customers who have been using it for years now.

Carolina R. Herrera

Carolina R. Herrera

The competitive pricing of FreshBooks and the user interface, it’s just very user-friendly. For someone in branding and marketing PR, that’s important.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

It’s beautiful and really well designed. The invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses couldn’t be simpler.

Are you convinced enough to try it now?

These are a few of the common reviews that FreshBooks come by.

FreshBooks is for people like you and me who get paid for their time and skill or into a business.

It is here for you so that you don’t have to face the same situation as Mike once did.

Over 24 million have said their goodbyes to Word and Excel and shook hands with FreshBooks. Why not you?

There is no fear or any form of strings attached since anyone can try out their first month for free.

Then if you decide to subscribe to it, you will have 4 plans to choose from as shown in the picture below.

FreshBooks Pricing

It is safe to say that FreshBooks has changed the performance of a lot of businesses and can change yours too.

What do you think about this awesome software? Comment Below!


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