How To Run A Loyalty Program For WooCommerce? [Easily!]

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: August 22, 2022

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: August 22, 2022

Want to create a Loyalty Program For WooCommerce?

It wasn't easy to give rewards to your best customers and earn more money from repetitive orders before.

But you can do so now easily with the help of a plugin named, Loyalty Program For WooCommerce.

It's a part the Advanced Coupons plugin that WooCommerce store owners can use to create loyalty or reward programs and make more profit.

Reward Points / Loyalty Program For WooCommerce

In this article, I am going to discuss what is the loyalty program for WooCommerce and how you can boost your sales with a Loyalty Program for your eCommerce business.

Boost Your Sales With A Loyalty Program For WooCommerce

The majority of your sales happen because of your loyal customers, it is those people who buy products from you regularly.

To keep these customers on your website for a long-term, you need to engage them with rewards.

This tried and tested method has proven that loyalty programs are the best way to increase customer satisfaction and keep their orders coming.

The "Loyalty Program for WooCommerce" plugin is like those vouchers or coupons you get at your local coffee shop or store.

This is just an online version of these coupons or vouchers which will give your customers a discount next time when they purchase something.

How Does The Loyalty Program For WooCommerce Work?

Loyalty Program for WooCommerce is a brand new plugin that lets you start a loyalty points or reward program for your online eCommerce website.

The functionality of this plugin works like this:

  • Set a value of “Points” on your store.
  • Now the customers of your website will start making points after they have successfully purchased something from your website.
  • Once a customer has enough points they can use them to get a coupon, which they can use on their next purchase.

I know you've seen this type of reward program already.

Customers can also earn these points by giving their review on a product or commenting on a product or answering queries of some other customer regarding that product.

You can also offer your customers special rewards during special occasions or festivals.

Know that you have the full control over when a customer can earn points and how many points.

And of course you also control on how many points are necessary to redeem them.

Benefits Of Having A Loyalty Program For WooCommerce

You can benefit a lot from a loyalty program for your customers.

However, here are some of the top benefits that you can get by implementing WooCommerce rewards programs in your online store:

Boosts Customer Retention

Rewards and loyalty programs motivate customers to return to a business and purchase more products. I'm sure you've done it too.

Referrals Are The Key To Success

Customers who have received rewards are more likely to tell their friends about your business, which is the best form of marketing.

I've seen people sharing about it on their social media as well.

It's A Cost-effective Marketing

Creating a rewarding program for existing customers based on their purchases and referrals is very cost-effective.

It costs you 5 times lesser than what it would take to get a new customer.

Helps You Maintain A Happy Customer Base

Customer satisfaction leads to more revenue for your company, and the reward program help you achieve that.

How About Reporting For The Loyalty Program?

As a business owner, you need to take a look at how many points are currently activated on your website and more.

With this plugin, all the important information will be at your fingertips which you can easily access via your dashboard.

You can check the details regarding individual customers. You can also monitor their actions and earnings.

Loyalty programs for WooCommerce is the best way to start a loyalty program for your customers.

In the next section, I will discuss the price and the features of this plugin.

Pricing For "Loyalty Program For WooCommerce"

Loyalty Program For WooCommerce Pricing

I have included the screenshot of the pricing above but in case if you are listening to this post here is the pricing again as text.

They have three different plans that you can choose from and the plans are as follows:


  • $79/year
  • For a Single Website
  • Loyalty Program Only


  • $129/year
  • For Unlimited Sites
  • Loyalty Program Only

All-in-one Bundle

  • $119/year
  • Single or Unlimited License
  • Loyalty Program and Advanced Coupons Premium

Features Of Loyalty Program For WooCommerce

  • You can set the price to points earned ratio.
  • It is possible to change the name of the points for branding purpose.
  • You can set a minimum threshold to earn some points.
  • Set point earning messaging on a cart.
  • Set points earning messaging on a single product.
  • Disallow accumulation of points for a certain role.
  • WPML Multi-lingual Integration.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • And much more...


A loyalty program is the best way to keep your customers engaged and keep your business going.

This technique is implemented by many large e-commerce websites all over the world.

This technique is tested and proven that it will not only keep your existing customers happy but will also attract new customers to your website at cheaper rate.

That's why Loyalty Program For WooCommerce is a really useful tool for anyone operating an e-commerce website. Go ahead and start using it today!

Try it Today!

Risk Free! With 100% Money-back Guarantee.

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