How To Create An Affiliate Program For A Membership Site?

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: June 5, 2021

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: June 5, 2021

Are you looking for a sure-fire ways to consistently get some new members for your membership sites?

If yes, then continue reading this post.

Because I'm going to help you create an affiliate program for your membership site easily and without breaking the bank.

Create An Affiliate Program Easily

Creating an affiliate program is the best way to boost your site growth without spending any money unless you make some.

It can also motivate others to participate in your program and promote it with their audience. So I definitely recommend you considering it.

In this post, we’ll show you the benefits of it and how to create an affiliate program for your membership site in just 3 simple steps.

Benefits Of Creating An Affiliate Program For Your Membership Site


There are a certain number of reasons why you should create an affiliate program for your membership site.

Here are some of them that I feel are the most important:

Brand Reach:- It helps to increase brand reach and awareness. Your affiliate partners will introduce and put your brand in front of their audience.

Sales:- Your affiliate partners will do all the hard work to get more new members for your site. Which will result in more profit eventually.

Cost-effectiveness:- You don't actually have to spend money unless you can make some. It’s the most cost-effective way used by big brands for marketing or selling.

Now let's look at how to create your own affiliate program and start benefiting from it.

How To Create An Affiliate Program In 3 Simple Steps?

Creating an affiliate program is not a difficult task, with this simple guide you can easily create it in just 3 simple steps.

We’ll use a WordPress plugin named 'Easy Affiliate', to set up the affiliate program on your membership site in this tutorial.

Easy Affiliate Plugin For WordPress

STEP 1: Connect Membership Site & Easy Affiliate Plugin

First, you have to connect your MemberPress site to the Easy Affiliate plugin. MemberPress is the plugin that I'm using to run a membership business on my website.

Easy Affiliate is a WordPress plugin created by the MemberPress team that helps you create a self-hosted affiliate program for your WordPress membership site in just a few minutes. 

Creating an affiliate program with Easy Affiliate is a simple process just follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to go to the Easy Affiliate pricing page and select your plan. Click on Get Started button and fill in all the required details to complete the checkout process.
  • Once you have purchased it then simply install the plugin on your WordPress site. And then you have to connect it with MemberPress.
  • Open your WordPress Dashboard » Easy Affiliate » Settings » eCommerce, and set the toggle to activate the MemberPress integration.
  • You have successfully connected the Easy Affiliate plugin with your MemberPress WordPress site.
Easy Affiliate eCommerce Integrations

We're almost done. Let's move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Configure Easy Affiliate

Now it’s time to configure the Easy Affiliate plugin.

Personalized Affiliate Dashboard - Easy Affiliates offers a personalized dashboard for your affiliate partners and provides essential tools that help them to effectively promote your membership site.

Easy Affiliate Dashboard View

Affiliates can monitor their stats, view links & banners, edit and view account information, view payment history, and more.

You can provide links and banners to your affiliates to effectively and easily promote your site.

Your affiliates can access all promotional material via the affiliate dashboard.

To give a better user experience Easy Affiliate allows their affiliates to customize their dashboard according to their preferences.

Customizing Easy Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Application Process - You can enable Easy Affiliate's built-in affiliate application process so that if someone wants to join your affiliate program then they have to fill this application.

Easy Affiliate allows you to review each application so you can choose better affiliates.

The application process is a great way to accept only genuine persons and remove fraudsters.

Easy Affiliate Application View

Controlled Commissions Tracking - If you want to acquire pro affiliates in your affiliate program then you need to offer an appealing commission rate to them.

The average commission rate is 5% to 30% for most of the brands but some brands offer 50%, 100% or even more to their affiliates.

So put some thoughts on it before deciding.

Editing Commission Structure For Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate allows you to set custom commission rates, you can also add multiple commission levels, override commission rates, and create custom commission rates.

Email Marketing Integration - You can integrate Easy Affiliate with popular email marketing tools including Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and ConvertKit.

Easy Affiliate Email Marketing Integrations

It's important to efficiently communicate with your affiliate partners and with Easy Affiliates you can do so.

You can easily add welcome email, affiliate sales email, and more by integrating it with your favorite email marketing service provider.

Easy Affiliate also offers pre-designed email templates to make your work easier by sending auto-generated emails.

STEP 3: Create High Converting Landing Page

Create Conversion Focused Landing Pages

It is very important that you build high converting landing pages for your affiliate sign up page and A/B test them whenever possible.

You need to do proper research and spend time in it because it engages your visitors and encourages them to sign up for your affiliate program.

Here are some tips to make a better landing page:

  • Add, and highlight the benefits of your affiliate program such as your commission rates, interactive UI, and more.
  • Use the Easy Affiliate WordPress plugin to easily create an easy signup page.
  • Use attractive Call To Action (CTA) to improve your conversion rate.

And finally, all the steps are completed and you have successfully created an affiliate program for your membership site. Hopefully, you'll see a better result soon.


It's simple and easy to create an affiliate programs that's effective and profitable for your membership site or any other other type of site.

Plugins like Easy Affiliate, allows you to do all these complex works with a just few clicks and time.

I highly recommend that you start your affiliate program today.

If you still haven't purchased the plugin, then click here to get it now.

Good luck!

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