Social Champ Review: Automate Your Social Media Management

by Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: December 9, 2022

By Bishnu Mahali

Last Modified: December 9, 2022

Social Champ Review

Are you a business owner or a marketer who needs the best social media management tool to stay active and grow in the competitive market?

Without any doubt, Social media is essential if you are a business owner.

An active social media appearance provides a channel for communication.

Greater communication builds trust within the customers contributing to customer loyalty.

Managing your social media presence yourself will consume a lot of time. It will also obstruct you from working on other tasks.

Therefore, it is imperative to use a social media management tool that does the work for you.

However, with hundreds of such tools available, finding the best tools for your business can get confusing quickly.

And that is where Social Champ comes into play!

What Is Social Champ?

What Is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a handy tool designed for busy professionals. It saves time by placing all your social media tasks in one place and automating them as much as possible.

Social Champ is the super social media management tool that can do everything from creating posts to scheduling them and tracking/monitoring analytics at the end of each week or month.

It spares you the time and trouble constantly checking your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles.

Social Champ is an all-in-one tool designed to keep a social media manager's daily struggle in mind.

Therefore, there is a solution for all problems that they might face in a day.

Not only that, but it is so inclusive that they have a variety of plans to suit the needs of all.

Social Champ When Paired Up With Business

Here comes the most significant thing: Social Champ helps support small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Schedule posts and promote your business on different social media platforms and see how your small business grows into a bigger one.

Not just small businesses, but it assists large companies like banks, universities, and incubators by sharing and organizing different types of content.

Keep your social profiles upgraded and alive. That’s how Social Champ has earned the trust of multiple users with their business and social media accounts.

Hence, Social Champ is a social media marketing automation tool that effectively manages and schedules your social media posts.

How Does Social Champ Work?

It isn’t hard to set up your Social Champ account. Just create your email, enter your password, and there you go.

It has a highly functional and easy-to-use website that allows you to carry out all tasks seamlessly.

With the vibrant orange, blue and white interface, you can easily find your way among features.

To sign up for the tool, just visit the website and sign up with your email address.

Once you sign up for the account and confirm via the verification email link, you get to experience all the awesomeness for free for a week.

You can use and explore the Social Champ tool for free and experiment with it for the initial seven days.

Once you are sure that this is the way to go for you, you can purchase any of the four plans they offer. 

Social Champ Caters To Businesses Of All Sizes.

Social Champ Is For Everyone


Since startups usually have small teams, they are looking for automation tools as much as possible. Social Champ is a perfect way forward for them as it combines all their social media profiles.


Small and mid-size businesses are one of the most significant segments of Social Champ users as it can help their team automate tasks. This way, they have ample time to focus on other more significant processes.


Handling multiple accounts from different clients is no less than a task. Therefore, Social Champ offers custom workspaces to make your life and job more manageable.


If you are a first-time entrepreneur taking care of all the tasks alone, Social Champ is the one for you. You get social media scheduling and confusing analytics, engage, and a social media calendar with it.


We all know how busy marketers are at all times. Therefore, it is best to help your social media manager quickly take some of his workloads off by automating social media using Social Champ.


You never have to worry about a dull or inconsistent feed again with Social Champ. Use the preview feature to check out exactly how the post will show on your social account.

How Is It Better From Others?

Make your social media marketing effective and invest in the right tool to effectively manage and optimize your posts.

The pricing plans start from as low as $10 per month so that anyone can easily afford it.

Social Champ has unique features that help you. As statistics and analytics allow marketers and business owners to see how their posts are performing.

With Social Champ, you can schedule videos as well for your Pinterest account along with images.

There is much more to do, and these all features make Social Champ stand out from the crowd.

Apart from this, Social Champ has excellent customer support, and their representatives take the time to hear your concerns patiently.

All these features make Social Champ one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

Key Features Of Social Champ

Let’s have a glimpse over some fantastic features of Social Champ. Scroll down and have a look.

Scheduling And Publishing 

With tons of versatile features, Social Champ comes with an easy scheduling and publishing process.

All you need is to create an enticing post for all your social media platforms with attractive visuals or use royalty-free images within the dashboard.

Add some trendy hashtags, and schedule it on your desired time and day.

Next, your post will be published automatically at your desired time and day.

Bulk Upload

Do you have tons of content to upload on social media? Now you don’t need to post manually because Social Champ brings a solution for you.

Presenting a bulk upload feature, you can upload content in bulk and schedule multiple posts simultaneously, saving both your time and effort.

Upload posts for weeks ahead and ensure engagement without dedicating too much time to daily scheduling.

All you need is to tap on the bulk upload feature, upload your content and use a CSV file with your posts’ date, time, text, and visuals.

Facebook And Instagram First Comment

If you love writing extended captions and don’t have space for hashtags, you can add your trendy hashtags in the first comment.

This way, your caption does not look messy, and you can quickly increase your reach with the hashtag.

Don’t miss out on the chance to drive engagements to your posts and try Instagram and Facebook first comment with Social Champ.

Create a post for your Instagram and Facebook account, select your Instagram and Facebook account, tap on the first comment icon and start creating your trendy hashtags.

Visual Integration

Want to add some bright colors to your visual content? Now, you don’t need to surf through the internet to find the right photo or video editor for your visuals. Let Social Champ do this for you.

With Social Champ, you can create and edit your visual content right within the dashboard as it offers you Crello, Canva, and InVideo integration.

You can also directly import your desired visual. Either you can choose from Dropbox or Google Drive, next select your editing tool within the dashboard, and there you go!

Schedule Pinterest Videos

Along with image pins, you can now also schedule video pins on Pinterest business accounts using Social Champ. Videos tend to do very well on almost all social media networks, and Pinterest is no different.

Using these videos, you can increase sales, reach, and eventually, your account will become more visible! 

Social Champ Review: The Pricing

Social Champ Pricing

Social Champ offers different pricing plans for all business professionals, agencies, and entrepreneurs.

The pricing starts from as low as $10, expanding to about $199 depending upon how big your business is!

It also offers a limited free plan that you can try to see if it meets your business needs.

If you are looking for deals, then Social Champ is offering a fantastic BFCM deal. Get 30% off on monthly plans for the first three months OR 50% off on annual plans for the first year. The deal is valid for new users only.

The discount applies to Champ, Business, & Agency plans.

Use the code “BFCM2023” at the checkout.

The code is valid from November 18th, 2023, to December 2nd, 2023.

Have a look at the details, and select the best plan for your business.

Social Champ offers four plans that you can choose from. 

  • Professional Plan: $10/month
  • Champion Plan: $29/month 
  • Agency: $99/month
  • Business: $199/month

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